Are You Kidding Me?
Somebody showed me this mess just now, and I had to share it with ya'll. I can't even think of a reason anyone would want to embarrass themselves like this.

It's like 1:15 in the morning, and I still have not been to sleep from yesterday's family festivities. I had an excellent day. I kept thinking that it was Sunday, which is our normal day to come out to our parents house. Me and my sister came around noon yesterday. Although my mom doesn't do the holiday thing, she did throw down on an excellent meal. I can't seem to get enough of my Queen Bea's cornbread dressing, and broccoli rice casserole. Oh, and 'my mama biscuits' off the chain too! Besides the bomb food, we had a great day together.

Aside from Thanksgiving day, I have been reminded various times throughout the year that I have a lot to be thankful for. I know that being a human, I put a lot of stress on myself; in turn causing me to take many things for granted. When I sit around crying the lonely cry, the truth of the matter is; I'm never lonely. My friends and family are beautiful, and are here for me 365. With these fine people behind me, I'll never need for anything. Having these people here for me at the lowest points in my life, lifted me right back up to those high points. I'm going to cut this short, because even I can't find the words to express my appreciation for them.

Although this week was short, it was busy as hell. This made me anticipate yesterday even more. I made sure I was on my grind like ever before, just to get to that light at the end of the tunnel. Just like the rest of the world, I was slapped in the face with the fact that I am severely over worked and ridiculously under paid. With all the people dropping out like flies, it'd be great if they can distribute that extra cash into we barrel scrappers bank accounts. That'll never happen though. It's all good though, because my employment is just another thing that I am thankful for, no matter how raw their doing me. Speaking of f'd up situations, I have to work tonight. I am off all day from one job, but have to go to work at 5. I'm not looking forward to that, but I know it'll be laid back. It better be.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and are resting peacefully in LaLa land right now. That's where I'm about to go now. My eyes suddenly feel like a ton of bricks were just placed on them. Ya'll have a great weekend.


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Reebok Kickin' It!
I thought these were clean, so I bought em'.

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Happy Turkey Day
Happy Turkey Day people. I hope you all have a great time with your families and friends. Don't over stuff yourselves. Who am I kidding? Because I know my ass is going to throw down like there is no tomorrow! Ya'll be easy.

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College Wednesday - Know Somebody Like This?
Guess who's back and on time!? I'm super happy that it is hump day, because that means I do not have to report any of my dead end jobs in the morning! So this post will have a little bit more Micalicious lovin' on it, because I am in a great mood. This is rare, so soak it up while you can. I'll be cursing everybody out again next week, so get it while the gettin' is good. So you already know what it is; College Wednesday, where we summarize 99% of the people whom you'll ever meet in college or in your everyday life. This week we introduce the Music Major and the Newly-Ripe Fruit.

Music Major - One of the more rare species outside of Music Classes, Practice Rooms, and University Symphony Concerts. The MM spends 50% of their time practicing, 25% studying hard/semi-useless classes which require an A to get accepted to their low-paying major, 25% at band practices, and 25% with their music Fraternity/ that 125%? Doesn't matter; MMs party so much that they high school content in their bloodstream causes them to black out and lose that 25%. Tends to only date other music majors because, "only another MM can understand why they have to get to practice 3-4 hours a day." Depending on the instrument, music majors are laid back, but complain that they are working soooo hard to eventually get a salary of $35K a year, but that "I love music sooo much it doesn't matter". Usually makes fun of the Drama Nerds for not being "Real Musicians" and has enough Classical CD's to fill up

I remember my jazz appreciation class, freshman year was in the music building. I use to hate going to that class, because it was at an awkward time on Wednesdays, way across campus. It was no where near my dorm. I use to be pissed every single time. My professor was older than dirt, and it was about 215 kids in this class. The teacher use to actually do a roll call every time. That would knock out half the class period. I would sneak in late behind the tall ass basketball boys through the door at the very top of the class. He couldn't see my 5 foot frame behind those 6 footers, loll. In that building is where the music majors lived though. They spent most of their college years there, on their musical grind. I was never mad at them, because they had ambition. They were actually inspiring to me, to say the least. Some of them were a little nerdy and weird, but they were still good people. I did run into a dude that use to shit, shower, and shave in the music building not too long ago. He's living out in Houston now, and he works in the transportation industry. Not even doing anything with music. I wonder what happened to the rest of those kids.

Newly-Ripe Fruit - This guy's gay! You see, he's only just found out and now he's got to make up for lost time. He may have had a healthy interest in sports, or board games, but no more. He tries, for the sake of decorum, to occasionally talk about things that do not directly involve his gayness, but he is unequal to the struggle, and five or six minutes down the line, the increasingly one-sided conversation has shifted to his multiple fuck buddies, or one of his alarmingly variegated fetishes. You see, just liking cocks isn't enough, that's not gay enough for the Newly-Ripe Fruit to truly express himself. He must round his sexuality out with public discussion of whips or chains, and more often than not he decides he is a furry as well, and won't let it escape anyone's notice. Possibly does more to set back the cause of tolerance than Fred Phelps ever did.

If it's one thing I don't like, its a person who forces their beliefs on you. One who forces their religion on you, their race, and most of all their sexuality. I am a member of the "some people are gay, get over it" movement, but it's something that the entire world will never accept. Just like the entire world won't ever accept black people. But we exist. Being a black, gay woman has been like a triple threat for me, but I've learned not to force any of these things on people. First of all, it's my business and it's kinda rude. The Newly Ripe Fruit, is usually some flamboyant gay dude, that just came out and he wants to shout it from the rooftops. However, everybody is not trying to hear that. The dude is extra, but I can feel him in a sense. Somethings for some people are held in for what seems like a life time. When you're behind that closet door, you can only reveal half of yourself to your friends, family, co-workers, and all people you meet. You never feel like they are meeting the real you. So when that closet door swings open, you no longer give a fuck, and you step make the announcement. Well some people do. Again, mostly the flamboyant gay men. I know a lot of dudes like this though, and it gets to me every time. STOP FORCING YOUR GAY ASS WAYS ON PEOPLE!! I love em' though.

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My Tuesday Rambles Episode 4
Man, why is everybody taking these long ass blog breaks? Giving goodbye speeches, ending credits and all that good stuff? As soon as I get into someone's blogs, they leave. This is starting to worry me, loll.

I am so glad that this is a short week. I am ready for my Queen Bea to throw down in that kitchen on Thursday!!

It's funny how all of the upper management is quitting their jobs. Not a good look, but I saw all of this coming. When you sell out, you in return, get sold up stream. Now the rest of us are up shit's creek without a paddle.

New management = new rules = lube up and bend over, because you're about to get fucked. Such is life.

So my bestie is thinking about going to Georgia State to work on her PhD. I don't know how I will take her leaving the state. I mean, I'm just so use to her being right here, but since it is for her future, I am supporting her 100%. That just means more travelling for me.

Somebody didn't do their research on who the fuck I was last night, and got besides themselves. I had to lay my verbal Mica smack down on their ass. Lol, don't expect her to call back. Oh well.

I'm really feeling the blogs that I've been reading lately. When I first started, I was kinda bent about nobody ever visiting my spot, and now I actually have followers!! I'm following their asses too, and I'm loving what I'm reading.

Some of these bloggers in Houston need to get together and do with the folks up north are doing. We need to get together.

Houston is so overdeveloped, underestimated and full of potential. I love my city, but it's like big for no reason. Maybe I'm just not exploring enough of my city's options. Gas is down to $1.58 now, so I guess I can hop in my Chevy and just ride out. See what else my city has to offer.

Slim's Cd is kinda good. He has that prison weight gain going on in his face.

Hate Beyonce, Sasha Fierce; whoever the fuck she is trying to be. Hate her. She still fine though.

Love Seal.

My sister is out of her apartment already. She was only there for 3 months, and probably only stayed there twice. She's been staying with one of her friends in our old hood. I just don't get it. Our parents were paying half of her rent for those 3 months, and she wasn't even living there. She claims she is going to pay them back though. Ugh, I don't even wanna speak on it anymore. My prayers will continue to go up for my big sister.

I watched Perfect Holiday for the first time on Sunday, and it was a perfect mess. I hated it. I'm mad that Terrance Howard even wasted his time in the movie. His role in the movie was kinda like how I felt about the movie. LAME!!

Being gay in 2008 sucked ass. I'm not thinking about switching teams or anything, I'm just saying, I wasn't feeling it this year.

I'm jumping on the "turning me on" bandwagon. I love this video and this song. Miss. Keri was stuntin' in this video. And as tired as I am of Lil' Wayne, I liked his verse. I'm suing his ass for jacking my line, "girl you're just an earthling, you ain't never been to Mica's world." Blah, go head though Miss. Keri, and Wayne please retire.

I work with a white lady who looks just like this. No lie. People wonder why I'm so pissy in the mornings. That is the first face that I see when I come into the building at 7:30 am. An albino version of Lil' Kim, will crash anyone's day.

I think it's a man, I'm leaving at that. Seriously.

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Honest Blogger Round II

Thanks to Mizrepresent for awarding me with my 2nd Honest Blogger award. Coming from one of my favorite writers, this means alot. So thank you so much girl! The award was sent to you before I, and it was HONESTLY deserved.

The award is given to sites that:
* inspire you
* make you smile and laugh
* give amazing information
* are a great read
* have an amazing design
* and/or any other reason that makes them Uber Amazing!
So here are the 5 people who are guaranteed to get me fired from my job!!
5.) Wiz
Now these 5 talented people are fairly new to my spot, and they've been keeping me intrigued non-stop since I set foot in their blog world. Keep on doing what you're doing ya'll. Mica likes!!!
To everybody else who has been holding my attention down since I graced this site with my presence, I'm still reading. Check them out as well!
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Sweet Talking Always Works!
Ah! on Thanksgiving day, when from East and from West,

From North and South, come the pilgrim and guest,

When the gray-haired New Englander sees round his board

The old broken links of affection restored,

When the care-wearied man seeks his mother once more,

And the worn matron smiles where the girl smiled before.

What moistens the lips and what brightens the eye?

What calls back the past, like the rich pumpkin pie?

- John Greenleaf Whittier, ""The Pumpkin""

I talked my Queen Bea into cooking on Thursday. I had an entire speech prepared for her, incase she hit me with a big fat no! I think I mentioned in one of my posts last week, that we don’t do the whole holiday thing. For the past couple of years on Thanksgiving, my mother has not cooked. I'll just get food from one of my friends house or something. Or maybe I'd hit up Luby's cafeteria. Well this year, my mommy is cooking for us!! I have been craving some of her dressing and broccoli rice casserole for I don't know how long!

So I'll officially be hanging out with the family come Thursday. Getting full and sleepy. I can't wait. I'll be miserable come Friday, I'm sure. I hope everyone had a great weekend. This is a short week for most, so enjoy it!!
Til' The Wheels Fall Off
It is FRIDAY!!! And it's cold in Texas; I'm not feeling it. This week went by super fast for me. I don¢t celebrate the holidays or anything like that, but I do look forward to the time off next week. Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness with my mom, I never celebrated, but I've always had my own personal way of living. I have disappointed my mom on many occasion, because I'm not actually practicing the religion. I have belief in it, but the kind of person I am and my life style, just won't sit well with the J-Dubs! Ridiculed and out casted, loll. They hate me, whatever. So Thanksgiving is next week, and I have never had a REAL Thanksgiving in all of my 24 years, but I always manage to get some sympathy from whatever female(s) I'm talking to this time of year, and get my hand on some food! Can't wait for that. Really on my time off, I plan on spending some time with my family and doing some much needed work on my novel. Anyway, all that is next week. Let me re-cap this week.

Of course, everyday that goes by in our lives we learn something new. Either about ourselves, our friends, or our family. Life just brings on new beginnings everyday. I mean if your life doesn't do that for you; you're a boring cuntbag, period. I mean a person who is truly living, never stops learning, ya dig? "So while you were hanging out, down the street, doing the same ol' thing that you did last week. I was off inside the lab knittin' my speech. All you haters do is sleep, ya'll can rest in peace." That's right, I'm a Cool Kid, and this is why I do these weekly re-caps, just to go over all that I've learned during the course of my hectic work weeks. My life is nothing less than interesting, as a lot of people's whose blogs I tap into as well. All you folks are interesting to say the least.

This week I have realized that I have some ride or die folks in my life man. I mean, I can put a person through hell and back. I'm a beast with it, seriously. However, there was one person who I never thought would last this long in the world of Mica. She is holding on strong, I mean like the last woman standing. DeeJay is doing her thing man. She is making me focus on her and only her, even when I don¢t want to. Sometimes, I feel bad, because I am like super jerkish to this girl, and she brushes it off like it's nothing and she keeps talking to my horrible ass. This week, I have learned to let my guard down with her. She has been doing all of this hollering for almost 2 years, and I've finally slowed down to actually make out what she's saying. I just always thought shortie had a problem saying bye bye, which 2Pac said is just another hazard of being a fly guy. Well, I'm kinda glad she hasn't said bye bye; I sorta dig her. You didn't hear that from me though. So shout out to DeeJay. Go DeeJay!! That's my DeeJay! ;]

I also found out that my bestie is being laid off come March '09. I have really admired how strong she is being, and positive about the whole thing. She has come along way as we've grown up into our adulthood. I was so proud of her when she got this job and stuck with it for over a year. She rode it until the wheels fell off. She always has a plan, and I'm not worried about the fact that she won't be employed, because she is already on her grind in finding another job. She graduates from college next month, and she is about to hit the ground running. That's my ride or die friend, and anybody who sleeps on her, including the company that is letting her go, are damn fools. She is the queen of million dollar plans and ideas, and when that window or door of opportunity opens; she'll be laughing at all those clowns on her way to the bank.

It's common sense that if we want to hold on to something, we must take care of it. Take responsibility and do what we need to do to hold things together. So, if I'm going to ride something until the wheels fall off, I must make sure that I do all I can do to hold that sucker tight so that those wheels won't even think about falling off for years and years and years to come. I can't say I have been doing that with my job. It has becoming harder and harder to keep my head in this whole customer service part-time gig. I have been slacking big time. We had a team meeting yesterday, and they are really cracking the whip on people not "thinking customer first". Ugh! It's hard being a person like me, who genuinely doesn't give a fuck, trying to play the role as a representative that genuinely cares. So in order to ride this job until the wheels fall off, I need to get my act right. I am under new supervision now, and I think things will get better, because she seems to be a pretty good one. We shall see.

So now I have the weekend to regroup myself and get ready for another week come Monday. I do hope that everyone has a great weekend. Whatever you have your heart in, working hard on, shooting your prayers up in the name of; ride that sucker until the wheels fall off!

Mica. Nookie; the alias
College Wednesday - Know Somebody Like This?
Once again, I'm a day late with this shit. It's late, I'm tired, and cranky as hell. So welcome to College Wednesday, well Thursday; wtf ever. This is where we summarize 99% of the people whom you'll ever meet in college or in life. This week we introduce Mrs. Degree and Muscles McFlaunty.

Mrs. Degree - Misses degree has no real purpose in college except finding "Mr. Degree" majoring in some lucrative field such as computer programming, premed, law, or engineering. Often packed with great looks, a killer body, and half a brain Mrs. Degree has no problem being a mere shadow of her wealthy husband, an is always the first to brag and attempt to start "intelligent conversation" on the career of Mr. Degree. Always on the prowl, you may find Mrs. Degree befriending such characters as the Study Nazi, fucking disgusting C.S major, and the CEO junior.

"Now I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't fuckin' wit no broke niggas". You know what though, this woman may not even be a gold digger, just lazy as hell. She doesn't want to get it how she lives. She'd rather get it how someone else lives. She wants a man. Not just any man; a degree'd man. A smart man. A business man. Fuck it, she wants a rich man; so she is a gold/degree digger.
wrong on so many levels...

Muscles McFlaunty - This individual (almost always a guy) has been lifting weights since age 4, and never lets you forget bout it. He goes to the gym twice a day, wears nothing more covering than a wife beater, and constantly twitches his Pecs just to get you to look at his chest. McFlaunty may or may not be otherwise annoying, but it is a known fact that he heats creatine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to increase muscle mass even further; this will result in four different cancers before he is 30. Occasionally, Muscles McFlaunty will have a lisp, in which case, laugh at him.

Muscles McFlaunty better be a guy, because if I saw a woman in person walking around with arms this big, I'd try to fight her no lie. That is horrible. Lmao @ lifting weights since 4 though. No matter what though, this dude always has on a wifebeater 6 times smaller than his actual size. He wears this wifebeater for every occasion. It can be 20 below zero and the dude will put on a hoodie, but as soon as he gets inside where there is heat; off comes the hoodie, and BANG! there goes the muscles. Is it me, or does McFlaunty always have an extremely small head? I wonder what the other head looks like. Mica will never find out. Seriously though, the last season of Big Brother had a guy by the name of Jessie on there. He was Mr. Muscles McFlaunty, always had on small wifebeaters, and his head was the size of a peanut!!! Dude's body was MASSIVE though. Incredible hulk looking dude. But his, I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

Alright, I'm going to bed now. I hope everyone has a goodnight!!

My Tuesday Rambles Episode 3

I am totally wrapped up into the season 5 L Word DVD.

I'm mad Pam Grier looks like a beached whale though.

I can't stand nosey people. I mean if you have to go out of your way to jump into someone's conversation, then you're being nosey. I have a co-worker who jumps over the cubicle into whatever conversation we are having in our group. NOBODY IS TALKING TO YOU!!! STAY OVER THERE!! Now, when I say this out loud to her, she's always calling me mean, but my thing is; why are you listening that hard? Ugh, I can't stand her.

Man, I can't stand weak females. I dig a woman with a backbone. One that can stand up for herself, and is not easily intimidated by anyone. One that holds her ground, and can back up any argument with intelligence and authority.
My book White Lines, finally came in the mail this week. I'm still not feeling this 'strung out on drugs, fast Brooklyn girls, prostitution, king pin' book. It degrades black people so much, but hey that's what my people want to read.
There are two movies that I am looking forward to seeing...

Cadillac Records


I think it's cool that Wanda Sykes came out. When I saw her in the airport out here earlier this year, my gay-dar went off, so it wasn't a big surprise. I know the whole thing going on in California has upset a lot of people, so more and more people are coming out. One of the things she mentioned in an interview was "You know, I don't really talk about my sexual orientation. I didn't feel like I had to. I was just living my life, not necessarily in the closet, but I was living my life." I totally feel that, and live by those same words myself. I don't have to let the world know that I'm gay, because it's not necessarily the world's business.

Somebody called me "Hurricane Tamica" today. She said that I constantly tear down her character, and that she's always having to defend herself. I feel like a jerk, needless to say. Ugh!

I am more excited about Nicklebacks new CD release, than I am about Beyonce. I'm getting kind of sick of her.

My daddy made some kick ass gumbo this weekend! I can't wait to get home and tear into it either.

I spent $21.00 bucks to fill up my tank this weekend. Gas has dropped down to $1.75 on my side of town.

The end of the month is just around the corner, and I know it is going to kick my ass. Bring it on though!
Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!
Well, I hope everyone had a splendid weekend. I'm not sure about other cities, but it was rather cold out here in Houston. We Texans are not use to cold weather this soon in November. I really enjoyed my weekend. We had our first meeting with The Black Experience group. It wasn't a good turnout, but it was a great success. It ended up only being four of us, but the conversation that we had was mind blowing to say the least. I surprised myself at how much I spoke my mind, and laid out personal facts from my past. Even my best friend had to look twice at me, to see it was actually me speaking. It takes a while for me to warm up to new people, and I do NOT talk much during a first encounter. I have to feel out the scene, and dissect the people before I speak. Something felt different this time. I felt like I needed to say something. I was at liberty to say something. My pride wouldn't allow me NOT to say something.

"It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace --but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

- Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

I mentioned Friday that the meeting was held at The Shrine of Black Madonna, and in one of the big meeting rooms there was an African Holocaust Exhibit. We didn't even know that it was there, we just happened to be roaming around, and we heard this music playing. It was soft, sad and sultry. It sort of pulled us into that direction.

**horrible photos, I know. Taken from my Sidekick ;[**

One of the things we spoke about in the meeting was black people and our pride. I mentioned that I feel that black people have pride in the wrong things. We have pride in our rides, our big homes, our flashy jewelry, and all things adding up to great material value, but we seem to have no pride in our history. Part of the reason why we opted to have this meeting and call it The Black Experience, was to get more in touch with our past. Our individual pasts. How did we get to where we are today? Do we truly understand where we came from? Perhaps if we confirmed and understood our past we could develop some real pride to hold on to.

".. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

I wonder what the exact number is of the people who died for freedom. Died for speaking their mind. Died for the safety of their family. Died for the compensation they earned. Died for their last name. Died for the color of their skin. Do you have pride in those who have died for your freedom? I do, because as I strolled through that exhibit I realized just how far we've come, but also how far we still have to go. I couldn't even imagine living back in those times. I couldn't imagine being caged for days on end, because I tried to shield my children from pain. I couldn't imagine being shackled by the feet, neck and hands while red ants were poured at my feet to eat me alive. It was those same men and women who dies these horrible deaths that had pride in something more deep than one could imagine. It were these same men and women who said, "give me liberty, or give me death!"

Soul Men - T. Nicole's Movie Review
Yesterday my sister ended up flaking on me for our weekly trip out to the parents house. So I rode solo, and decided to take myself to a Sunday matinee with the old white folks in the suburbs/country. I can tell I am getting old, because I am starting to live for those Sunday matinees. No longer can I stand going to a movie on opening night. Ugh! Anyway, I decided to check out Soul Men. Needless to say I was the ONLY one in the screening. Felt kind of weird being in there all by myself, but it was nice. About 30 minutes into the movie, this black lady and her 3 kids came in there, and decided to sit RIGHT next to me as if it were a full house. I was like wtf?! It's an empty theatre, and you sit your loud, snotty nose kids right by me?! The movie was rated R, and I hadn't noticed before they came in, but as soon as they sat down; Bernie and Samuel were, "muthafucka this and muthafucka that". I believe after the mom heard me taking deep breaths every time her kids spoke loudly, she decided to get up and move. Dumbass, shouldn't have set there in the first place. ANYWAY, Soul Men, starring the late Bernie Mac. Here is what I thought…


Bernie Mac

Samuel L. Jackson

Sharon Leal

Issac Hayes


Though it's been some twenty years since they have spoken with one another, two estranged soul-singing legends agree to participate in a reunion performance at the Apollo Theater to honor their recently deceased band leader.


I can't lie and say I was actually interested in this movie. I really wanted to see Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes last works. I felt the concept of the movie was a bit cheesy for Samuel and Bernie. It was funny nonetheless, because I love the way these men curse. I know that's bad, but every time the word "muthafucka" was said, I was cracking up.

I did like the songs in the movie, and am thinking about buying the soundtrack. I heard it was banging. After I got over the polyester suits with ruffles, and Samuel's perm, I started to get more into the movie.

I did cry during a scene with Bernie and Issac. It wasn't a sad scene, just the fact that they are no longer with us touched me a tad bit. Rest in peace to both of those brothas, because they have truly enteretained us over the years. Needless to say, the film was dedicated to both of them, and I enjoyed the mini tribute that was done in the outakes during the ending credits.

T.Nicole rates this film with 3 stars!!!

Annual Mica Upgrade. It's Time.
Friday, here we are again. This week was pretty blah for me. I really think I need another hobby in life. I have this deep yearning to be wowed as of lately. Everyday goes in and out as a blur, and that's not good. So I've been brainstorming on some activities to get myself into without getting back into my old ways of mischief and promiscuity. I do have my first meeting with The Black Experience group here in Houston tomorrow. My bestie, myself and a few other friends started this group in hopes of gathering a few intellects around H-town to shoot the breeze about our history, present and past in the black community. We're meeting at The Shrine of the Black Madonna tomorrow off of MLK around 1:00pm. I am really looking forward to meeting and mingling with new intellects. I think this will open up a door to what I feel I need at this moment. The first meeting will just be breaking the ice, and playing a few games to get to know one another. It will be fun, so after my hair appointment I'll be heading over there.

Shrine of the Black Madonna
5309 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Houston, TX 77021

I've learned this month to start listening to my heart more. My mind seems to be full of excuses that my heart is having a hard time battling. The wool seems to be over my mind's eye, and I need to remove it quickly before something drastic happens in my life. I'll be up shit's creek without a paddle then. I'm not in the mood for all that, loll. I think I'll take this weekend ahead to do some meditating and regrouping. I need to map out a plan on the things that my heart has been telling me to do for the past few years. Completing my novel, eating healthier, working out, furnishing my home, decorating, saving more money, going back to church, reading the bible, and just becoming a better me; the me that I know I can be. It's time for an annual Mica upgrade. So, I need to see if I can get to some type of compromise with my mind. Hell, my mind has a mind of it's own, so my work is cut out for me, loll.

I hope to find my sister this weekend at some point, so that we may make our regular visit to the parent's house this weekend. I miss my Queen Bea ya'll. It sucks majorly not having her at work, and being able to see her everyday. She is so happy about her new job, and is loving every minute of her now stress free life. I can't wait to see her in person so that she can share more stories with me on her new journey in life. So Sunday, that's where I'll be all day after I leave the nail shop. So nothing, big this weekend, other than The Black Experience meeting tomorrow. Plain and simple living, just how I like it. Ya'll have a good one.

Mica. Nookie, the alias.
College Wednesday - Know Somebody Like This?
Ahhh I have soooo slacked off on my blogging schedule. I'm ashamed and disappointed in myself. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day anymore for me. Now that I have to wait until I get home to blog, I don't even feel like it by that time. I need a blog vitamin, something to give me the strength to post after 9:00 pm. Any who, here we are again at College Wednesday, where we summarize 99% of the people that you'll ever meet in college or in life. This week we introduce Mr. Touchy Feely and Mr. Uncertainty.

Mr. Touchy Feely - Usually male, and often a variant of the creepy stalker. Likes to keep a hand on you at all times, especially if you are romantically involved. Hasn't yet decided if he's gay, but definitely hasn't proven his straightness either.

Ugh, please get your hands off me. I for one have never liked to be touched by people I was not extremely close with. Sooooo that left NOBODY TOUCHING ME! People don't wash their asses, let alone their hands. I work with enough sick muthafuckas to prove that one. I did go to school with a dude like this though. He could not speak to you with out laying his hands on you. It wasn't ever a light touch, but a caress. Why was this dude randomly caressing me in class?! Like why could he not have said what he had to say from over there? Did he have to make his point clear by twirling his fingers through my hair?! I made a mistake in giving him a hug one day, because the dude was not bad looking, I just didn't feel like being caressed every damn day. I gave him this hug expecting it to end in like 1 second. He held me like it was our honeymoon night after the newly wed sex. I mean straight up embraced my ass SOFTLY! AHHHH!! He did this to all the girls though. Now, that dude was Mr. Touchy Feely, hands down!

Mr. Uncertainty - Mr. Uncertainty isn't rally that bad a guy to have class with; as he's virtually guaranteed never to disrupt the class proceedings. Even when the teacher asks him a question directly, he'll attempt to deflect it through a magical combination of stuttering, fumbling, and vague sentences that trail off in the middle. He probably doesn't take very good notes, but he's there every day in hopes of making up for the fact. he probably has at least two majors and a third concentration that he's considering, but it's all perpetually up in the air since he doesn't really know what he wants to do. Because of this, you'll almost never see him in an advanced level class, since he's always going back and satisfying the core requirements for a different major.

Dude is super annoying, that's all I'm going to say.

Yeah, if you haven't figured it out by now, it's Thursday. A day late and a dollor short. Story of my fuckin' life kid!
My Thursday Rambles Episode 2
Well for starters my mommy got the job! Her first day was today, and I am super proud of her! Go mom!

Super proud of my other friend for making the decision of chunking the deuce. I hope that where she is heading next treats her a little bit better. I'm sure it will.

T-Pain's cd comes out today. Thr33 Rings. Even though, he looks like a damn fool, I actually want to hear the cd. I'll be downloading it to my iPod tonight.

I wish my best friend wouldn't take on the junk in other peoples lives. She spends too much time worrying about why other folks aren't doing what they need to be doing. As long as she has her shit together, that¢s all that matters.

I have been spending too much time in the Ebony Gay Lesbian chat room on AOL. I believe it's time to take my annual 6 month hiatus. I know the same clowns will be in there on my return.

Kenny Latimore looks like some sort of creature in his new video. However the man can SANG his ass off.

It's hard to tell if a man is gay or straight now days, with the new dances out in Texas. They are twisting more than the females.

pumps and dunks Pictures, Images and Photos

I need to rebuild my wardrobe. I cross-dress, loll, so I need two wardrobes. My tom boy apparel and my feminine apparel.

Deejay says she's coming down in January with her cousins. I'm not getting my hopes up on that just yet. She's been saying she'd be out here for as long as I've known her. It's almost been 2 years. She's done a lot of growing up since then too. I just anticipate to see what my reaction will be towards her when I see her in person.

Jamaica ain't shit. She wasn't shit last week, and still ain't shit this week.

I think I have a new neighbor. Some young white dude that drives this humongous truck. He should not be allowed to park that mess underneath the car port. I can hardly maneuver my little Chevy around it when I get home at night, let alone GET OUT OF THE CAR without squeezing the life out of myself!

I'm still waiting on White Lines to be delivered so I can suffer through this read for next month's book club questions.

This day is going by super slow, and I hope it picks up soon. I'd like to get home, post this shit, and go to sleep!
Keep The Camera Away From Yo People
After the crazy week that I've had; I needed something to make me laugh. A friend of mine sent these photos to me, and my feelings on them are mixed with hilarity, empathy, and anger. I guess the major feeling would be HILARITY. The vote was made for change right? Well, some things will never change. Well here goes your trip down Hot Mess Lane.

I for one vote that club photos be banned from every black night spot in the country. The backgrounds look dingy and the floor is always a mess. Shall we even acknowledge the people in the photo? I won't.

I can't lie, the barber has skills. I would be mad as hell though if I saw this young man, dressed nicely in his business suit, well spoken, and then he turns around and I see this carved in the back of his head.

Now the fact that the person taking this picture told this dude that this was a cute pose kills me. On an air condition unit though? Really? He has a ring on his finger, it is probably his wife taking the photo.

It could just be me, but is one hanging lower than the other? Either way this is wrong on so many levels.


Posing by dead bodies has never been the shit. Smiling like you're about to post this on facebook for all your friends to comment on. This is horrible.

Another voter for change.

Speechless again.

Now this one really made me laugh my ass off. Is that a box cube television? Lmaooo!!!! You know what though? I would play it, just to see how ridiculous it really looks in person.

Lmaooo!! I'm sure the lines are hanging out the drive way for this $2 treat.

I love me some Frosted Flakes, but wow. Is this Soulja Boy? Looks like something he would do.


I will give this man the benefit of the doubt and say it was Halloween. He is in full costume, and did not pick this outfit to wear out on a regular night. Happy Halloween.

I've seen this dude on Facebook, and he's a raper I believe. Lmao!!!

I hope this is not a 3 generation thing. Ranging from 14 to 35.

Another voter for change.

Grandmas are doing it big in the club scene now days. Not too sure what's up with that, but if I catch my 95 year old grandma on the scene, it's over!

You know what? This woman would not look bad if she'd take that grill out of her mouth and stuck with whatever her natural hair color is.

A grown man robbing his little girl for her barrettes is not a good look.

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