Queen Bea Has Left The Building
I was going to write on this yesterday, but my horoscope was so on point today, that I couldn't wait. Well, tomorrow is my mother's last day at our company after 24 years. Her name is actually Beatrice, but I call her Queen Bea. I can't even put into words how proud I am of her. She's been battling this decision for quite some time now. It was just time to walk, because her stress levels were getting high and her health was going downhill. She isn't going to retire, but shes going to try and find some work closer to home. She's been driving 47 miles to work everyday, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes with traffic. I use to make that same drive for 4 years before I just gave in and finally moved to the north side. This is such a big move for my mother, and our family has been doing a lot of praying on it. Having faith in the idea that this is the best thing to do. I believe it is.

I'd been helping my mom go over her resume, and looking at ads in the paper for other job opportunities. She sent ONE resume to an animal hospital only fifteen minutes away from her house, and they called her back the next day. She had her first interview last week, and was called in for a second interview with finance on Monday. That's what I'm talking about mom! She was nervous, because she hadn't been on an interview in the past 24 years, but I told her that her genuine spirit, honesty, and obvious loyalty will take her along way. I knew they'd love her. It's just a receptionist gig, but this is all she wanted. Her hours are GREAT, and she gets to see all the animals. She LOVES animals, and I am so happy that this gig came up first. She's being so optimistic about it all, and just seems so stress free now. The change for the better has already started to take place, and the happiness is seeping through her pores.

Aquarius - October 30, 2008

Dear Aquarius, you may have felt as if something has been changing in your family environment over the last few weeks. Today you will find out just what has been going on. Someone close to you has been going through some very important changes in his or her life. You feel as if you need to be there for that person and accompany them on their journey toward self-development.

See what I mean? Was this not on point?! I cried so many times today, it's ridiculous. Tears of joy, pride, and love. They had a little going away lunch for her, and took a stroll down memory lane when she was first hired on with the company. I was only 8 months old at the time, so I was attentively hanging on to all the great memories that her and her friends shared. Someone made her a nice cake, bought her gifts, and we all took a picture and framed it so that she can place it on her new desk. It was a great day. Even though it was super busy for me, I got some time to chat with my mom, and realize that I am going to REALLY miss going down to her desk everyday just to say hi. I'll miss going out to lunch with her, having email wars on my monthly payments to her (lol), asking for money (lol again), seeing her smiling face every time she passes my desk, telling her bye every evening and to to drive safely. I'm just going to miss my mother ya'll! I wasn't tripping when I moved out of their house over a year ago, because I knew I would see her everyday at work. Now I'll probably only get to see her every other week, if that often. We're going to have to get some type of calling schedule. I haven't been apart from my mom like this since college. Ugh. I'm not feeling it, but my mother's happiness is the top priority in my life next to God.

I plan on spending time with her and my dad on Sunday. I want to cook her dinner dinner, and just spend some much needed quality time. I think maybe this move will push us to become more communicative with one another. Have those mother/daughter days like we use to have. Go to church together, and hang out. I can't wait. So I just want to say I am proud of my Queen Bea and I love her more than anything in this world. God will bless you on your new journey in life. Your one and only child has your back until the end!
You Just Don't Matter
I am sitting her freezing my behind off at The Caster. I swear these people act like it's 100 degrees year round. I am bringing my ear muffs and mittens tomorrow, just like I did last year. I will be on the phone 2 hours trying to type with those mittens, but that beats being frost bitten. Wow, today was so ugh for me! It's the end of the month, so of course the work is rolling in faster and heavier than the money. We all know how that goes. I am not feeling the workload, but of course I'm sucking it up and, just doing my job. I can make it until Friday, so no need to complain.

On a lighter note, the call volume here at The Caster has gone down tremendously. This is why I'm able to sit here and write this blog, loll. Oh and dig this, your girl just got kudos from a customer for my sufficient explanation of her bill! Yeah see, I'm not always slick at the mouth, loll. Somebody once again decided to dissect my character and so called "tell me about myself." Of course, this is something I just don't worry about anymore. I ignore the hatred and keep on doing what I'm suppose to be doing, which is being me. I saw a status message one of my co-workers up here has on her messenger, and it reads as follows:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Real talk right? Yeah, I was feeling this quote, and had to hit her up on it. Words so true, and this is the exact reason why the soul clenching friends in my life accept me 100%. I love them for it! To everybody else, YOU JUST DON'T MATTER, SO YOU CAN STOP THAT CHATTER!!
Stop And Smell The Flowers

Ever feel as if life is passing you by much too quickly? You get so caught up into your day to day obligations that you don't stop and take in the little things that bring you joy. This is not good, and it is something that I had to stop myself from doing. Sometimes my days run into each other, and I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. I have to make myself stop and smell those flowers. Remember the beautiful things that keep me going in my everyday life. Even if that means just stopping multiple times in my day to pray and thank God for where I am today. Thank Him for what he has provided me with. Thank Him for my health, and bless me with the strength to keep on pushing.

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they're gone.

- George Eliot

As humans we do take a lot of things for granted in our lives. We are privileged beyond means, and we grow spoiled in our lifestyles. We forget where and who is making all things possible for us. We don¢t realize the importance of such small things until they are taken away from us. "You don't miss your water until your well runs dry" right? Yeah, this is pretty much the truth. Anybody who reads my blogs, I encourage them to just stop and smell the flowers. Take in how blue the sky is, how beautiful that melody is coming through your speakers on the way home from work, the sparkle in your lover's eyes when you're in their presence, how much love is seeping through your child's pores for you, how your hard work has paid off, and thank God for all of these things that you see everyday of your life that you may forget to acknowledge.

This reminds me of the song Gladys Knight remade in Tyler Perry's latest movie, Don't Forget To Dance. We are all busy. Lord knows I am and my days are extremely long, but I cannot and will not let my work overpower my everyday life. Can't forget to dance and live life to the fullest. So stop and smell those flowers. Some people don't get to smell the flowers until they are put on their grave. Don't let that be you.
Saw V - T. Nicole's Movie Review
I wanted to see this movie, because I had seen all the other ones, but I didn't plan on seeing it opening night. My besti decided to purchase tickets for 12:01am Friday morning. I was bittersweet about that. I wanted to see the movie, but I'm getting old ya'll. I just knew that I would be no good come 6:30am when it was time to get up and go to work. I went anyway though. I got into a little fender bender on the way to my besti's house, but it wasn't too bad. Just got a nice scratch on the front end of my car, and my license plate needs to be mounted back on. Other than that, blah.

I anticipated the theatre to be packed, and this was the reason we bought out tickets online. Man, there was not one person in line when we got there. We walked straight up to the ticket booth and got our tickets. The lady behind the booth said that they anticipated it to be more viewers that Friday night. Ugh, so we basically could've waited, but there was no use in turning back now. There was a nice crowd in the actual theatre, but there was still a lot of empty seats. People slowly started to pile in though once the movie got closer to starting. I am not going to reveal too much in this review, because it would be easy to give away certain things. I'll keep it plain and simple. IT SUCKED!


Tobin Bell

Costas Mandylor

Scott Patterson

Meagan Good

I was surprised to see Megan Good in the movie. I hadn't really seen too many previews of the movie before going to see it, so her appearance was a shocker. Which for me was the only perking moment of the film. My own lustful reasons are set behind that, forgive me. Well this movie has nothing on The Secret Life Of Bees, and definitely could've been caught on bootleg.

Damn, I want to say a lot here, but I know quite a few people actually keep up with the Saw movies. I am sick of this though, and I'm so mad at the writers. I mean, what's really going on? Let's quit making all of these flashback parts and get to the point, ya dig? I really am sick of seeing this old ass white man. I hate his voice and his face. Needless to say, people were rather pissed off at the end of the movie. I'll let ya'll be the judge of that one.

T. Nicole rates this film with 2 stars!!

The Secret Life Of Bees - T. Nicole's Movie Review
Now this was the movie that I could not WAIT to see. I had been anticipating it every since I started the book written by Sue Monk Kidd. I joined the virtual bloggers book club and this was the very first book chosen to read. I thought it was a good pick. Not because I knew the movie was coming out, but because it was a different type of book than that of what I'm use to reading. I love E. Lynn Harris, and this gave me a break from his same old gay athletic super star stories. Don't get me wrong, I'm also reading his newest book Just Too Good To Be True as well, loll. However, The Secret Life Of Bees stole my spare undivided attention. I had that book in my hands every chance I got. I grew attached to little Lily Owens and her quest for love and answers to her never ending questions about her dead mother. Kidd is a very descriptive author and titillated every sense in the human structure. I felt as if I were living in each scene that she painted with her words. The movie did the book no justice, but was GREAT nonetheless.


Dakota Fanning

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Hudson
**Prayers go out to her and her family for the loss of her mother and brother, who were found shot to death in their Chicago home**

Alicia Keys

Sophie Okonedo

Tristan Wilds


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Little Dakota Fanning did an excellent job in the film. I think she was the perfect pick for this particular part. She's such a weird little white girl, but I dig her. I've pretty much enjoyed every film she's been in. I have never been more interest in bees in my life. I kind of got a kick out of the whole bee story watching the animated film; A Bee Movie, but other than that I just made sure I stayed clear of bees and that they stayed clear of me.

Of course after reading the book, the movie seemed like it was in fast forward mode. There were a few things that were laid out different in the movie than they were in the book. I think Will and Jada did an excellent job though. Everything was done properly and Queen, Alicia and Jennifer played well together.

Alicia Keys surprised me. I absolutely loved her role in this film. She was so natural at it. And she looked so good! She's coming into this whole acting thing. She stunk in Smoking Aces, but I'm a firm believer in second chances. You proved yourself this time Ms. Keys. The movie itself was set off in the 60's so the people back then were of course more narrow minded and ignorant than they are today. Some parts pissed me off, but that's to be expected. You know me being black and all, loll. Another movie where white people underestimate my people, because the color of their skin. That crap still and will forever go down in the real world. Sad, sad, sad! Anyway, I loved the movie guys! I actually want to go see it again, but I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD.

T. Nicole rates this film with 5 stars!!!!!

Keep Your Poison

People kill me. Literally they do. With their bullshit laced words; also know as lies, their melodramatic excuses, and their over nurtured insecurities. You know what this is called? Poison. It's something that people are constantly trying to force into other folk's world. People laugh when I simply request that they keep that shit over there. However, I'm not telling jokes. I'm serious. I have enough things going on in my own world to be dealing with the junk in your world.

It took all of me not to curse a few people out today. One with her constant bullshit excuses as to why she can't seem to deliver properly in a real friendship to save her life. I am oh so super done with that situation. I'm up to my pupils in selfish excuses. Since her head is so far up her ass that she cannot seem to see anyone else sincerely trying to love her ungrateful behind. Miss. "I have enough bullshit in my life." Ever stop and wonder if that is smell of your own shit overpowering your emotions? Probably not. Later for you and your so called busy ass life. Hope you don't drown yourself.

Poison - something that exercises a powerful destructive or corrupting force, especially in an insidious way.

Parasite - A plant, animal or your pathetic ass that lives on or in another, usually larger, host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host.

You ever try to befriend someone who was just nothing but a sad song? Their world was just full of negativity, and it felt like you were at a slow singing funeral every time you spoke to them? I've come to realize that sometimes people don¢t want or need your help; they just want to demand that your attention be focused on them. In order to do this they have to spread their poison in your world. They force feed you that apple. The same damn apple that Satan force fed Eve, who in turn force fed it to Adam. A chain reaction of deceit, sin, insecurity and stupidity. Our first breath taken in this world was a big chunk out of that same apple that was force fed to us by our fore parents. Yeah, we were born into a shitty situation against our own will. However, we still have some hopeless and helpless individuals still trying to force feed others that poisonous apple.

Aquarius - October 22, 2008
This day could be a real turning point for you, dear Aquarius. Is it possible that you have finally learned how to say "No?" You are the one everyone turns to for help. As a result, you find yourself spending so much time on other people's problems that you have little energy or inclination left for yourself. This sort of situation ultimately helps no one. Put yourself first and there will be plenty of you left for others. If you allow yourself to become depleted, everyone loses.

So with that said, stop trying to put your poison in my world. Don't force feed me that apple. Keep your junk in your own world. Just suffered through a bad break up? Don't call me. I am not the person to fill that void of loneliness and hold your hand through something you need to be going through on your own. Do you honestly have nothing going for you in your life? Don't call me lying about the things you only WISH you obtained. I wrote a blog about broke folks lying earlier this year, and people are still at it. We all know you're broke, stop fronting. Had a bad week? Don¢t call me with no random attitude going off on me when you really want to bash the people's faces in that took you through the initial shit anyway. Take all the time that you need and kill off the parasite residing in your brain before you reach out and touch me.
A Comcastic 1 Year Anniversary
Damn, I can't believe I've been at "The Caster" for an entire year already. I remember when me and Ma Kisses were breaking our necks trying to get to all 5,000 interviews they had set up for us. The hiring process took forever man. I still am psyched at the fact that me and my best friend were actually hired together. Out of a group of 45 only 3 of us were picked. Needless to say, me and my besti had a BLAST during our 2 months of training. Too bad that heffa quit right before we graduated from training. Damn, dropout! Loll, we both had 2 jobs and she was juggling school as well, so I understand why she quit. I on the other hand have been sticking it out every since.

It's pretty plain to see that I am NOT a people person. I cannot stand people, but this job helped me to overcome that annoyance and so many other things. It's helped me with my patience, my communication skills, my humility and my tolerance. I've grown as a person since I started this job. Not to mention it keeps money in my bank account, loll. I NEEDED this job, because my full-time job just wasn't cutting it for me financially. There was no cushion and no room to save. I won't say too much about that, because I know the S-N-S crew are on their job, and hanging on to my every word. Anyway, now I have been able to save some cash to accomplish what I truly want to in the future. Thank God.

Sometimes I do grow a little tired, but you know what they say, "you're not grinding hard enough if you're not tired." Well, I am definitely grinding! It's taken some getting use to, but I have adapted well over the past year, and I can't say that I love my job, but I am truly thankful for it. My friends have grown accustomed to my 14 and a half hour work days as well. I can't even say that my social life took that hard of a plunge. My friends work around my schedule, and I still have time to do all the things that I use to do before this gig.

I really don¢t have too much more to say about this. I just wanted to give myself a happy one year anniversary shout out. We'll see if I can push out one another year.
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College Wednesday - Know Somebody Like This?
Wow it seems like it's been forever since I've added a new edition to College Wednesday. I received a couple messages on Myspace asking what happened to their weekly humorous posts. So I promised that I would get back into the routine of things. So welcome back to College Wednesday. It is here that we summarize 99% of the people whom you'll ever meet in college or in life. This week we introduce the Man Hating Feminist and the Megaphone.

Man-Hating Feminist - Usually found in Women's Studies or English classes. They find enjoyment in discussing how the standard of beauty is too high and how the opposite sex has taken over the world. They also tend to wear clothing that shows off cleavage in order to show that they are comfortable with their bodies. They tend to be loud in class discussions and easily annoyed by male classmates. Almost every conversation turns into a discussion of how men are degrading women.

I am bittersweet about my feminist. On one hand I respect them for keeping it together for us women out here. Letting us all know that a woman can do everything, if not better than any man can do. I feel you sister, but can you loosen up? I'm not even into dudes, and I'm finding myself to have to take up for my testosterone buddies. This is another example of someone forcing their opinion obnoxiously on other people. Everybody is not trying to hear that shit all the time. There is a time and a place for everything. Yes, we understand that you don't have respect for the sword swinging gentlemen; we get it!

Megaphone - This guy seems pretty intelligent and contributes with a vast amount of knowledge. Unfortunately he has got no grasp of volume at all. Will scream across the room with a content smile on his face while embarrassing the people around him. When conversing with The Megaphone you can't decide if he is constantly pulling your leg or just doesn't realize what the hell he is telling you. Does never know when to shut up, but magically manages to never piss anyone seriously off.

Am I being PUNK'D? Is the first thing you might ask yourself while trapped in a non inescapable situation with this loud mouth. You could be waiting in line at a grocery store, registering for class, at the bank or even in an elevator. If you're anything like me; I am armored with my "keep it moving" demeanor at all times. I do not like small talk and I do not like people in my personal space. So most of the time in public places by myself I give off that "don't say shit to me" attitude. Most of the time it works. People smile and they do exactly what I want them to do and they KEEP IT MOVING! *sigh* There is always one though. The loud one. The one not knowledgeable of what an inside voice is. You ignore him when you're shopping and you hear his loud ass 3 departments over yelling to his wife that he has finally found the big bloomers that she asked about on the ride over. She obviously is planning an escape route, that can't seem to dodge the detrimental volume of his voice. You just disregard the fact that this fool just did that and you continue shopping. You have no idea how you ended up in the same line as him while checking out your items. You thought he was loud 3 departments, but you didn't know how damaging it was until he was standing right behind you. You're looking around for the candid camera, because you know this dude is not talking to you this loudly and thinks that it's okay. It's a cruel world, so somebody has to be pulling a cruel joke. But it's not. Dude is real and you are now either really pissed or really embarrassed, because he's REALLY LOUD!

I Can Relate, But I'd Rather Not
I hope everyone's weekend was as dope as mine was. I took a small break from going out to the clubs, but I went out this Friday to Club Toyz and I had a good time with my club hoppin' buddy Regina. As usual, we saw a bunch of characters in there, but I ran into some folks I hadn't seen in awhile. They are still up to the same thing; coming to the club every weekend fronting for the likes of other folks who don't give a damn. Ya'll know the drill, loll.

Although I was dragging this morning, I was still ready to face this week. October is going by rather fast and it's like the longest month in the year. I have a few more things to accomplish before the month runs out though.

Yes, I purchased the iPod touch, and I absolutely love it. I even bought a little radio/cd player deck for it to listen to it while I'm at the office. I have surely been tuning out the world, and my days are running a more peaceful course. Lord knows I need it while on my never ending grind.

There is a 10 pixel Casio digital camera that I want to cop next. I actually fell in love with it when I went iPod touch chasing all over Houston. It will come in handy on my Vegas trip this coming April with the crew. Yeah, that's right! T. Nookie will be hitting the strips in Vegas for the first time! I can't wait.

So enough of all that. Here we are Monday morning and I sit and wonder what I will be facing today. I had a situation occur this weekend that gave me an "ugh, omg not again" feeling. So basically it's a situation that I need to run away from as soon as possible. Another female in distress, begging to be emotionally saved. Well Captain Save A Ho has retired, in case you haven't heard.

Aquarius - October 20, 2008

It may not be the easiest day to relate to others, dear Aquarius, but as usual, if you just go with the flow, you will find that you can have quite a bit of fun. Try not to get caught up in anyone else's drama. There are likely to be soap operas playing all around you, and quite frankly, you would do best to steer clear. Maintain a lighthearted attitude throughout the day, and try not to read into anything too deeply.

Yeah, I can see how the situation would be fun. However, I've already had my fun, and it's sad to say, but it's time to dip. I can't linger around for what it seems like I'm expected to linger around for. I am so not interested in playing another dramatic role in someone else's melodramatic screenplay. Beat it. There are a lot of f'd up situations I can relate to, but being the fact that some people just prey on others to throw their insecurities on; I'd rather not relate. Miss me with that.

Eagle Eye - T. Nicole Movie Review
I meant to write this review a couple weeks ago, but I was taking a mini blog break as you can see. I had my head wrapped around some other things that I shall reveal in a later blog. I couldn't go too much longer without sharing my thoughts on this fine film though. I caught it and The Family That Preys yet again with my sister a couple weeks ago. We both enjoyed it very much. Heres what I thought of it...


Jerry and Rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of increasingly dangerous situations, using the technology of everyday life to track and control their every move.


Shia LaBeouf
Michelle Monaghan
Rosario Dawson
Michael Chiklis
Ethan Embry
Billy Bob Thorton

The only thing that annoyed me with this movie was the mysterious caller giving all the directions. Her voice was the same one on the automated systems that you may call when you make a payment by phone for your cable, credit card or cellphone bill. However, that was the only annoying thing. The movie was very good to me. I think Shia did an excellent job. He's come along way since the Disney Channel and Even Stevens.

He's actually become a very handsome young man. Sexy even...

No? Mmkay. Sorry.

His girlfriend Megan Fox is though! Mmkay!!!

There were a lot of mixed reviews on this film, but despite what critics say; I thouroughly enjoyed it. There were not boring parts of the film in my opinion. I was in tune with every single scene. EVEN THOUGH the movie was good, I think you still can just wait until it comes out on DVD. So do NOT drop what you are doing to rush off and go see it. I'm not trying to have people mad at me. Ya'll can just come watch it with me at my crib when it comes out on DVD.

T. Nicole rates this film with 3 and a half stars!!!

Tuning Out All The Nonsense

With all the new music I have bumping through my Chevy's speakers; I need a new way to listen to tunes at the work places. I have a radio on my desk, but the CD player is busted and not playing my recently downloaded CD's. The reception is horrible, so it's hard to catch a station and actually keep that same station on all day. So I decided to purchase an iPod touch tomorrow after work. I already have an iPod, but I have it on the deck next to my bed. I have mostly jazz music on there to fall asleep to every night. I'll use the iPod touch while at work. I'm going to buy a new deck to use on the full time and then just listen straight from the headphones at Comcast.

Working at Comcast, I get a bunch of discounts on a lot of things; Apple Products being one of them. So this bad boy won't set me back much at all with that discount. Thank goodness! I get paid tomorrow and everything, but I'm not Ms. Money Bags, ya dig? I'm excited though, because I love mush oh so much, and this way I can really tune out all the nonsense that I hear on a daily basis. I can let the sounds of my music of choice guide me throughout the days. Sometimes if it wasn't my faith and close bond with God and music; I don't know how I would make it through. Peace and serenity is brought about by both. It's a beautiful feeling and it means a lot to have something that will help you not lose your damn mind. So here's another gadget to help me tune the world out and all it's nonsense being ignorantly spoken.
T.Nookie's Disc Changer - Music Review
It's no secret that I am a music fiend!! If music was to be suddenly banned, my entire world would totally stop. Music is like a sort of life support. It's a way of expression and a sense of inspiration so many. Especially to myself. Music gets me through my hardest days and keeps the smiles coming on my better days. I've been listening to a lot of new music lately, and I wanted to share my own personal views on most recently "purchased" music.

First up we have Mr. Kenny Lattimore with his latest CD entitled Timeless; released September 9, 2008. I FUCKING LOVE this CD!!!! My favorite song of all time is For You by him and I although I never thought about seriously getting married; I always said that if I did, I wanted to have my first dance to that song. His voice is OH EM GEE! Melt the panties right off ya! This CD consisted of mostly re-makes. He re-made Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin and did marvelous. If you miss that real soul tingling 70's slow jams, pick this CD up. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Eric Benet's Love and Life. Released September 9, 2008. Sex addict or not, Eric can SANG! I had downloaded half of his CD when it first came out and half way listened to it. Then when I went to the beauty shop a couple weeks ago and the ladies were blasting it through the shop's speakers, I really started to dig his sounds. He has a duet with Terry Dexter and it's really nice. I've heard great music by Eric and he still can't hold a candle to my Kenny or my Maxwell, but I love his voice nonetheless.

Robin Thicke's Something Else. Released September 30, 2008. I'm feeling this white boy ya'll. This vanilla brotha go soul! I know everybody has heard Magic and can't help but to feel that joint. His voice is kind of whiny, but I still love the way it sounds over instrumentals. Me and my co-worker have been jamming him all week. I like this CD better than his Evolution CD. Definitely check this one out. What ever happened to the other soulful white brotha? Remy Shand? Another milk carton musician. Damn shame.

Joe's The New Man. Released September 23, 2008. You know? I'm not feeling this CD just yet. I didn't even really did his last CD. I think if you heard one Joe song, you've heard them all. He's been singing about taking other men's women and how much better he can treat them for years. Now he's a new man. I don't know Joey baby. Mica not feeling it just yet. Perhaps it'll grow on me. Don't buy it people, unless you cop it off me for $5. Ya'll know I got that work! Holla at me!

Jennifer Hudson's debut self titled album!! Released. September 30, 2008. Mmm, mmm, mmm baby mama you did good!!! I have been waiting on this woman's CD since American Idol. Jennifer can't sing one song without takin' it to CHURCH! Even when on Pocketbook with Ludacris, which is my jam, she took it to church. Homegirl gave me chills on a few songs. I'm lovin' it. Cop this ya'll. I've been hearing mixed reviews, but beat it with the negativity; J-Hud did her thing with this first one.

Ne-Yo's The Year Of The Gentleman. Released September 16, 2008. I love Ne-Yo. Dude is a great song writer and a great singer. He's not trying to dance his ass off like Chris Brown, and he's very smooth. He's not the most attractive man, but his debonair style makes him attractive in his own way. Loved Miss. Independent the first time I heard it. Loved She Got Her Own (Miss. Independent part II) even better. He brought out Jamie Foxx and Fabolous to help him out with the remix. I can't stop playing it. The video to the song is nice as well. He brought out Toni from Girlfriends for a cameo in the video. I thought that was cute. Man she shouldn't have quit Girlfriends. Now she's a video ho and a commercial slut.

Jazmine Sullivan's debut album entitled Fearless. Release date September 19, 2008. I may get frowned upon for this one. I'm not feeling Jazzy man. I tried too. Everybody was shittin' bricks for this CD and I just don't see what the fuss was all about. I dig Bust Your Windows, but that's about it. I never really felt her first single I Need U Bad. I'm still working on it though. I'll pop her in on my way to work in the morning and see if my opinion changes or not. I'll let you know.

Solange's Sol-Angel. Released August 26, 2008. You know what? I thought this CD was going to be a hot ass mess, and it was. BUT...it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. She has a few tracks on here that I actually dig. T.O.N.Y and this song with Bilal that I'm really feeling. I'm really feeling the rebirth of the 70's Motown era hitting the airwaves now days. I heard it in J-Hud's CD, Jazmine Sullivan and Solange. This CD reminded me of how Beyonce use to sound before the vocal coach. Beyonce became hot ya'll. Little sis may still have a chance. You never know.

Young Jeezy's The Recession. Released September 2, 2008. Even though dude has the same sound on every track, I like Jeezy. He has a way with his word play and metaphors. I never knew there were so many ways one could conjure up about selling dope. It's a head banger though. He's no activist like Nas proclaimed him to be, but he's one of the hottest MC's out right now. He gave me a breath of fresh air from Wayne. He did NOT have a song featuring Wayne and he got soooo many brownie points for that. Man, I can't tell ya'll how sick of Wayne I am! He's everywhere. Somebody told me he had a remix out with Marvin Sapp on Never Would've Made It. I knew they were lying. I'll kick Wayne and Marvin's ass if they collaborated! But Jeezy got my vote on this one.

The Game's LAX Files. Released August 26, 2008. People have been sleeping hella hard on The Game. I can bang this album day in and day out. Although I am from Houston and our sounds are different; there is nothing like a good ass California hip hop song. Pac, NWA, Dre and Snoop got me hooked to the California sounds. The Game is showing his ass on this CD. I love this man. Despite the fact that he is SOOO SUPER DUPER SEXY to me; he's just a thug for real! He does not give a fuck. I can tell that his lyrics are genuine and not staged like most of these rappers out here today. Stop sleeping on The Game ya'll and check LAX Files out!!

T.I.'s Paper Trail. Released September 30, 2008. I hate the fact that this man has to face some time behind bars in 2009, but I guess we can all say he had it coming. If you do the crime and get caught; you have to do the time. Sorry T.I.P, but if it's any consulation to you; I loved the album. The joing with Rihanna is on fire. Whatever You Like will probably always be a favorite of mine. No Matter What seems to be the realest shit T.I. ever wrote. He was sincere with this album. Hip-Hop has done a lot of growing up this year. Rappers are changing their styles up. I was giving up on Hip-Hop personally, but it's coming back around. Rappers are revealing that it's okay to be educated and speak like you have some damn sense. Life isn't all about the dope game and killing. These rappers have families and T.I. is one of them. I mean he has at least 7 kids right? Lol. Dude has a BIG family. Daddy is going to the slammer though. Nice album drop right before you go in Mr. Harris.

Well this is what has been rotating in my disc changer and blasting off the iPod. There will be alot of music coming out between now and the end of the year. So this isn't the last of T.Nookie's music review you'll see. Check ya later!

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Who's That Peepin' In My Window? POW! Nobody Now!
Man oh man. What a day; Tuesday. Of course all fucked up things happen to me on Tuesdays, so this Tuesday wouldn't be any different right? Right. I was out sick from work yesterday with stomach issues. So I stayed my black behind at home, because puking all day is not the business while at work. Today started off pretty good, and you know to be honest it ended well too despite of the events that occurred.

I've read plenty of my blog peep's posts about blog filtering and watching what they say. Well today I was called out about some things I wrote in my blog. Not by a friend or a family member, but people that I work with. It was bought to the management's attention that I wrote a blog about the company about a month ago. I actually deleted the blog, because I agreed with a couple points brought up during the meeting. However, I won't sugarcoat or filter anything that I say in my blog. I now know that I have more people reading my blog than I thought I did, and hey the only thing I can say is WELCOME! I'm not writing anything in here that I'm trying to hide or that I fear getting out. Everything that I write here is a part of me and the woman that I am today. Can't apologize for that. For writing blogs on the company's time and revealing the company's name; yes I'll sincerely apologize for that, as I did. Anything else will just have to be dealt with.

I prayed about the situation after everything was laid out, I thanked God for keeping my cool and that things did not turn out worse than they did. I ended up having a good day actually. The call volume at Comcast has gone down tremendously. It's still busy and people are still pissed off about their cable outages, but hey I still had a good one. I can't stress enough that life is all about how we digest things. I just make sure that I keep a smile on my face. The S-n-S crew also known as the search and snitch crew felt they were doing their job I guess. We all know haters are always on top of it right? I'm not even mad about it though man. I'm not changing my style nor do I plan on not exercising my freedom of speech and expression. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

So just to let all my readers know I will definitely be keeping up with your posts and commenting. It will just be done later in the day. For my anonymous readers; I LOVE YA!! MUAHHH!!

Why Ask Why?
It's October man! Shout out to my big Sister on her 39th birthday today. Go sis! We're doing it up this weekend. Hold on to that wig and get your old ass ready, you ain't 40 yet!! Yeah man, but wasn't it July just yesterday? Fall is here, the leaves are falling, and it's about to get cold outside. I mean I live in Texas so it won't get THAT cold, but cold enough for us Texans. October is usually a pretty dull month for me. There is five weeks this month, so I'm sure it will seem a little long too. I'll be paid out the ass this month though, so no complaints there. This month will mark my one year anniversary at Comcast on the 22nd. I'm bittersweet about that right there, but the year spent with the company has flown by. I know the products, system and policies like the back of my hand. I've adapted to the environment well. Everyday has been a new challenge dealing with those customers, but hey Comcast has been alright to me. I just know that raise better kick in by the 22nd or there will be another massive cable outage in the mean streets of H-town! Hurricane Ike don't have shit on T. Nookie!

So of course now is the time to drop the quote of the month. This just gives me something to look back on during the weeks to come and have something inspirational and encouraging to live by. I've found this to work for me a lot and it's been working every since I started this monthly quote thing a couple years ago. If I find myself down for any reason, I revert back to the quote written at the beginning of the month and use it as a source of guidance. So this month's quote is from Anatole France.

"If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads." - Anatole France

You know I've noticed that for the past couple of months the quotes have been very simple and straight to the point. When I look at these words I think about how many things in my life that I have brought confusion to and complicated big time with my analytical questions. That's the control freak in me. I have to have a hold and an answer for everything. Sometimes, things are just better left alone. Things have to work themselves out, they have to define themselves, make a name for themselves with out me clouding the picture with my own complicated thoughts. If it feels right and it feels good, why would you question it? For one we are so use to being victimized by our own selves that we probably don't believe something that good and that right is deserving to us. So we question it. We ask why me? What now? What's the catch? The catch is us. The complication and conflict is in the human mind, not in the situation.

So I'm trying to be more free flowing with things. Not careless, but not so uptight about things. Not so analytical. Every situation I go through does not have to be a political debate. Bottom line; it ain't that damn serious. The situation is good, I feel good, I'm happy and THIS is beautiful. Why question it?
Lakeview Terrace - T. Nicole's Movie Review
Okay I actually saw this movie last Saturday night with a few friends. The movie experience itself was horrible. We went to this theatre that was built back when we were all in middle school if I'm not mistake, or it could've been freshman year of high school. It's still a very nice theater, but there were so many bad ass kids there. OH EM GEE! Not little kids, but teenagers. They were loud, cursing, pants sagging down to their ankles, gold and platinum teeth, all kinds of designs cut in their heads, skirts up to the ass crack and matted weave down their backs! I wanted to beat all of them. I felt so OLD when we entered the theatre. They talked throughout the whole movie, they threw stuff, they sang and cursed at older people who told them to be quiet. So yes, all in all I HATED the movie theatre experience with the children. The movie on the other hand wasn't so bad…

Cast As Follows:

Samuel L. Jackson
Patrick Wilson
Kerry Washington
Ron Glass
Justin Chambers
Jay Hernandez
Regine Nehy
Jaishon Fisher

In Lakeview Terrace, a young couple Chris Mattson (Patrick Wilson) and Lisa Mattson (Kerry Washington) has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their interracial relationship. A stern, single father, this tightly wound LAPD officer Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) has appointed himself the watchdog of the neighborhood. His nightly foot patrols and overly watchful eyes bring comfort to some, but he becomes increasingly harassing to the newlyweds. These persistent intrusions into their lives ultimately turn tragic when the couple decides to fight back.

This movie pissed me off. It was one of those "what would Mica do in this situation" feelings. I was so mad at Samuel in this movie ya'll! Not for his acting skills, but for the mere fact that I would've burned his ass alive if he kept harassing me like he doing the young couple in the movie. I felt so bad for them. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place with a crazy ass BLACK neighbor playing rent-a-cop in the neighborhood.

I wasn't all that impressed with the acting in the film by any of the actors and actresses. But the plot kept me wondering what was going to happen. In my opinion it could have been used a little bit more drama to thicken the plot. There were a couple of times that I dozed off, but then there were a couple times when I was saying to the screen "Oh hell naw!"


So this had been the second movie I saw last weekend about disapproving people of interracial relationships. Okay now The Family That Preys was a different scenario; she was sleeping with someone's husband who just so happened to be white and she was black. But Lakeview Terrace is a newlywed interracial couple. I happen to have thought they were cute together. This is another reason why the movie pissed me off, because there are actually people out there in the world that would harass others because they were dating outside their race. Punk bitches. Ugh! Granted now days I am only a chocolate eater; I did date a couple people outside of my race before, and I wish somebody would have harassed me because of that. I would be doing a stretch right now.

So all in all the movie was OKAY. I wasn't impressed, but I wasn't bored out of my mind with it. My suggestions; BOOTLEG IT!

This was much better than Snakes On A Plane Mr. Jackson aka Mr. Muthafucka I See You!!!

T. Nicole Rates this movie with 2 and a half stars!!!
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