Weekly Re-Cap: Keep It Moving

It has been a crazy week for me. The rain is pouring, but best believe I have my umbrella poppin'! I'm dodging every dagger the devil is throwing at me. "But it will take a thousand bullets and the power of JESUS for you to stop mine" - Ludacris. Like the rest of the world, I have problems out of the ass, and the economy is taking it's toll on me big time. I'm good though. This week went by pretty fast, but I guess that's because it's been so busy. That's what I do. I get my hustle on and make sure that my mind is never idle.

I learned this week that I need to slow the hell down on the roads, loll. I praying my license doesn't get suspended, because I need to get to and from work man! I really have to do better. Texas Public Transportation will be after my ass if I don't. I'll slow down on the roads, but I gotta keep moving in life period. This week I truly learned to not STOP! No matter who is grabbing on my coattail or who is throwing boulders in my path. I have literally wasted years allowing people to hold me back. Stumbling me spiritually, weighing me down emotionally and physically. I was indulging in other people's problems and worried about things that was completely irrelevant to me.

I learned that I can't force anyone to do anything. Whether it goes my way or not. At the end of the day people will do what they want to do for THEM. Those same people are going to come and go in and out of my life, but I have to let the reasons for this define themselves. In the meantime I just keep moving. I'm in my own lane and I have my own destination. Not everybody is meant to go where I'm going. Truth spoken, I am heading straight for the top. If you reek of bullshit, insecurity and emotional instability; I gotta drop you off. I don't care who you are. Nobody should let ANYBODY hold them back for any reason. Yeah, so my lesson this week was to definitely keep it moving. Yo, we doin' a buck eighty over here kid! Catch up if you can! This shit ain't dedicated to one person; it's dedicated to everybody I fuckin' know. Don't get it twisted. If you moving slow; I'll love you regardless, but I gotta let you go. On to the next city.

*Disclaimer to all* - "Please do not harass me. Just holla if you got me and fuck ya if you had me!" - Drizzy!

Ya'll have a good weekend. I know I am!
Smooth Get-A-Way: Fact or Fiction?
On the current mission to revive BlogSpot, I'm thinking of doing a Thursday fact or fiction post every week. This will help me with my consistency in posting and hopefully snag some more readers. It'll also help me sharpen my writing skills as well. I know that Eb aka The Renaissance Black Woman used to do these posts awhile back. Not too sure if she's still doing them though. I always enjoyed reading hers, because she would fool me every time. I really didn’t know if her stories were fact or fiction. It would blow my mind that she actually went through some of the stuff she wrote about, loll. Check her out sometimes, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Anyhow, on with the story.

It was about 4:30am on a Saturday morning. I was just leaving the club when I noticed that I needed to get some gas. Now, I HATE filling my tank up and because of my weird habits; I only like to get gas on Tuesdays at one particular station. I didn’t have a choice to break my routine though. I knew I had quite a drive ahead of me to her house. I called her up earlier during the week to see how she was doing. We have the type of relationship where our worlds are not in tune with one another. We don't speak every day and sometimes we can go weeks or months at a time without contacting each other. However, there are times when she crosses my mind and I cross her's. We're two busy women that just don't have time for steady committed relationships. When we do get around to making THAT call; we both know what it is and what's going to go down.

I'm driving down the block hoping to make it to the corner of the southwest freeway and Fondren. The last thing I needed was to be stranded, tipsy and with a bunch of shit on me. I made it though; slowly creeping up to pump 5. Not a soul was in site, but I could see the cashier behind the register reading a magazine. I fumbled to get my wallet out of my back pocket when my phone started blasting Jamie Foxx's, Slowly. I knew she was wondering where I was.

"Hey, how far are you?" "I'm still a ways away. I almost ran out of gas, so I'm up here at the Shell off 59."

I saw an old school Buick pull up in front of the door to the station. It made me think about my old car. Damn I missed that ride. I miss the booming' ass system I had too. People could always hear me before they saw me. I had to hand it down to my cousin though. Speaking of system, these dudes had more bang in their trunk than a little bit. It was extra loud, because there was no activity on the street.

Tuning back in to our conversation, I could hear the impatience in her voice when she said, "well, I'm waiting on you. I've BEEN waiting on you, but I didn't think you would stay in the club until it closed."

She was so cute when she tried to cop an attitude with me. "My bad babe, I'm just going to fill up and do a buck eighty straight to your crib! K?"

"NO SPEEDING, you have enough tickets as it is Tamica. I'm not playing. Besides, I ain't going nowhere."

"You better not be. Give me 30 mins though, iigh?"

"Alright, bye."

I hung up the phone and retrieved my wallet. I’m so glad I had the option to pay at the pump, because I didn't feel like stumbling to the store and especially in the mist of all those dudes. I can't believe how many of them were piled in that car. I just wanted to put my $40.00 in and go see my lady.

I reached hit $21.34 on the tank when I noticed the music blasting suddenly stopped. My back was facing the actual store; so naturally I turned my head slightly to see if the dudes had finally left. They didn't. Another vehicle was parked beside them. An all black hummer sitting on 20 something's. I could see the Buick shaking wildly like somebody was jumping up and down on the inside. I turned back around to finish up my business. When I went to retrieve my receipt all the doors on the Hummer flew open and a bunch of dudes got out yelling and screaming. I couldn't really hear what they were saying. A couple guys ran out of the store carrying Redbulls and Swisha Sweets.

One guy who had to be at least 5'4 ran up to the guys at the Hummer. "Yo man what the fuck you want?!"

"Yeah, didn't we teach dat ass a lesson when we popped ya homeboy?!" this coming from the driver of the Buick; who was now in the face of the passenger of the Hummer.

I knew it was time to get the hell out of dodge. I hurried up and got my ass back in the car. That's when I heard the shots go off. I started my car and tried to speed away from the pump when I heard screaming. I had to pass by the dudes to get onto the street. I sped by as quickly as I could, and I saw 2 bodies laid out on the ground. One of them was the short dude that I heard speak first. I was almost past them when the driver's side door of the Hummer flew open and a guy tried to jump in front of my car. I got past him though; knocking him down. I saw sparks flying from the side of the light pole so I knew they were shooting at me. I instantly started to pray that nobody would follow me. I knew it was bad to think what I was thinking, but I hoped they just all killed each other and forgot all about me. I fumbled for my phone to call her back, not even wanting to call 911. I didn’t to be involved in that shit AT ALL. I was so nervous I dropped my phone on the floor of my car. SHIT! I was scared, but I kept driving. I cried and prayed all the way to her house; checking my rear view mirror every 2 seconds.

I made it through her apartment gates and swung my car in the first spot I saw. I was over the lines, basically taking up two spaces, but I didn't care. I ran up to her apartment and used the key that I had to enter. I fell out on the floor and she came into the living room not knowing what kind of mindset I was in. She could see that I had been crying and got down on the floor with me. I told her everything. We both prayed and thanked God that I got out of that situation alive. Anything could've happened. It's happened to innocent people so many times before.

We stayed up all night, because I couldn't sleep. I saw the story on Channel 2 news a few hours later. here was a 5 man body count; one of them being the cashier of the station. There was only one vehicle left on the scene; it was the Hummer. I called everybody that I knew to tell them what happened to me. I was so terrified, I didn't even want to leave her house. I had to though. My mother wanted me to come home to see her and my father. I kissed her goodbye and said I would be back soon. I got outside and noticed that my car was gone. I'd been towed for taking up those two spaces.

Tuesday Rambles Episode 11
It's Tuesday! My least favorite day of the week. So that means it's time for me to go hard on anyone and anything and everything that comes to mind. I'm not a random person, but this is the day that I get it all off my chest.

I guess I'll start out with this damn recession. I'm feeling it ya'll. Even with 2 jobs, I'm feeling it. All the prices have gone up on EVERYTHING! I'm making it though, and I'm thankful, because it's just me doing it all by myself. I have to thank GOD for that, because it could all be much worse!

Comcast has to be the worse phone, cable and internet company in the world. I've only had them a month and I have no dial tone and no connection to the internet. They claim I need a "rewire", but I never had any problems with my previous provider. I'm trying to keep my complaints to a minimum, because I'm not paying shit for the services, but damn; I'd rather pay for a provider that will actually give me continuous service!

I still haven't paid T-Mobile for my new phone, and they are calling my ass non-stop, loll. I'm going to pay them on Friday though. I'm still loving my new phone too by the way. I refuse to jump on the black berry bandwagon at the moment. That is until T-Mobile drops a bad ass 8 megapixel cam, touch screen blackberry.

I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago with 2 violations. So I can't take defensive driving for both, but only for one. That sucks. I'm just going to pay these two suckers off $268 bucks and pray my license doesn't get suspended. I'm pretty sure Allstate will be kicking me off my parents insurance for good now though, lmao. They've been trying since I turned 25. Ugh!! I guess I can only be in good hands if I'm not speeding in residential areas and changing lanes without a signal. *sigh. I gotta do better.

teyanna taylor Pictures, Images and Photos

Bowow.&&.Sulja Boy. Pictures, Images and Photos

So I've been watching "celebrities" on Ustream lately. Teyanna Taylor, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow and Miss. Dade County. Watching these people live really reveals a lot about their intelligence! Omg! Soulja Boy curses out his fans, Bow Wow only talks about himself and how great he thinks he is, Teyanna is on her iPhone 90% of the time and yelling at her gay friends in the background, and Miss. Dade County's fine ass is just spaced out with ADHD forgetting what her topic is half of the time. I will say that it does show that they are just normal people. There is nothing different about them.

"Alive. Just open your eyes. And see that is beautiful. Will you swear on your life that no one will cry at your funeral. It took a funeral to make me feel alive." - Sixx AM "Life Is Beautiful". Just a random lyric from my song of the day. It teaches me that despite all the bullshit that is going on around me all all the crap that I allow to let seep into my everyday life means NOTHING! Life is fucking beautiful, so live that shit up!

I thought this day would actually be a bitter one for me. I was determined not to go to bed mad about anything. I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes in peace. I woke up this morning feeling damn good. It's going to be a long day, but I anticipate every waking moment of it.

Thinking about going on a date sometime this week or possibly this weekend. I've been putting this person off for quite some time. I was in a situation that I thought was actually going somewhere, but I was wrong. I'm not trying to do anytype of "rebound dating" though. So that’s why I'm debating if I should go this week or let some time pass by. I don’t know; I'll figure it out in a day or two.

Later people.
How Much is Too Much?? Child Support
Alright so Chris Jervis posted this link on Twitter this morning from World Star HipHop on Redman & Method man discussing child support. Apparently after Nas and Kelis divorce; Nas now has to pay $55,000 a month in child support on the brand new baby. I don't know how old this video is or how late I am on this news, but WTF?! For those who haven't seen this video already here it is. These niggas Red and Meth keeping it all the way real. And get this! I don't even think they are high!

These dudes made some valid points. Granted there are a shitload of deadbeat baby's fathers out there who won't come off a dime for their kids; $55,000 a month is ridiculous! I don't care who you are and how much money you are making. No ONE child needs that much money a month! My favorite point of this video was the independent woman thing. So many are hollering about how they are independent, but none of the shit they have came from their own hard work. Some nigga is stuffing their pockets for some reason. Whether it be child support, alimony or they are just fucking on the regular.

To be honest I think the kid might be a little messed up in the future. Their whole mentality on independence and responsibility will be spoiled. Seriously, if my daddy gave me $55,000 a month to my mother for child support growing up; I wouldn't think I needed to work for SHIT when I got older. Kelis is wrong for this man. I know that bitch ain't had a hot album since...NEVER, but get it how YOU live...not how your ex-husband lives. This is the stuff right here that pisses me off with women. I mean women who has had money running through their fingers for a little bit. They get greedy, selfish and clearly lose all sense of sanity. This made me a little mad; I can't lie. Respect to the fathers out there who are actually doing the right thing and paying child support. It's still fuck the dudes that aren't, but it's REALLY fuck the women hitting up the fathers for utterly ridiculous amounts of money per month for that baby.

Shout out to Chris Jervis again for posting the video on Twitter. Matter fact, follow me and that dude on twitter...

I'm out.
Saying Goodbye to My Favorite Author

Wow, it's so much going on lately. Death is like sweeping through Hollywood, the music industry; just the world period. This is crazy, but unfortunately something that we were warned about. In this sinful world death is the promise of life. Scary though, but it is what it is.

Last week I found out that one of my favorite authors; E. Lynn Harris died at the age of 54 from a heart attack. Dude was still young! He was extremely talented. He was a homosexual man, and I can remember reading 'Invisible Life' back in high school. Back then I was struggling with my own sexuality, and reading his words and his biography helped me come to grips with myself as a person and what I prefer.

E. Lynn Harris' Bookshelf
I got em' ALL!!!

Invisible Live
Feb. 1994

Just As I Am
Feb. 1995

And This Too Shall Pass
Feb. 1997

If This World Were Mine
June 1998

Abide With Me
May 2000

Not A Day Goes By
May 2001

Any Way The Wind Blows
July 2002

A Love Of My Own
June 2003

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
(A Memoir)
July 2004

I Say A Little Prayer
August 2007

Just Too Good to Be True
July 2008

Basketball Jones
January 2009

He gave so much variety in is publishing's. Although, most surrounded professional athletes on the down low; the plot was always thick and unpredictable. He was one of my idols when it comes to best selling authors. It's no secret that one day I want to have my own works published. Life is getting shorter and shorter. Before I leave this earth, I want my words dancing across the minds of people worldwide.

Rest in peace Mr. Harris

The Bold. The Bald & The Beautiful.

Okay, I'm pretty sure there have been a billion blogs done on this topic, but I just have to put my 2 cents in on it as well. My Internet has been down, so therefore this makes me even more late on the topic. Anyhow, what is up with all the women going bald now days? I mean don't get me wrong, bald is beautiful…FOR SOME! However, this is not a dope move for all women to be making. I've seen plenty of women faded out and edged up, but this was before it was a ridiculous trend. The lesbian community went bonkers with it starting late last year. More and more of my rather aggressive lesbian friends are cutting all of their hair off. Okay, I get that. My studs out there want to be real live D Boi's, and I’m not knocking it. I just can't get with it my damn self.

The African models ripping the runways have been sporting this look for a long time. Grace Jones in all of her insanity dropped that bald headed love on us way back when as well. A lot of my natural sisters have been in the bald game for decades too. These celebrities took one look at Amber Rose and lost their damn minds. Solange Knowles has now chopped her shit off too. Looking like she just did a long stretch of chemo therapy and lost her edges along the way. Not saying they are following Amber Rose too, loll; but even the men are cutting the braids and dreads off.

Busta Rhymes
Trey Songz


Slim Thug cut his braids off JUST this week

Bump all that man. I'm still going to rock my long hair and don’t care. Speaking of, does Lloyd still have his long pretty hair? I hope so, I'd be highly disappointed if he cut it off. I don’t trends, and if I did; this is one that I'd be passing on by.

**P.S. shout out to my ladies still rocking their own hair!**

Let Me Say This...
*Looking at my last posting date* That is a damn shame. I lied to everybody, loll. I said I was gonna stick with it this time, and I have fallen off yet again! *slaps my hand. Everyone is not as consistent as that use to be though; I've noticed that. Not enough time in the day, and especially my day. I have time to sign my happy ass on Twitter though, lmao. *cough..www.twitter.com/TNookie.

Anyway, it's Monday. I'm back on the clock and tick tockin' all the way to the money! I love getting paid, but like most of America; I'd rather not work. I'm here anyway though, after a relaxing weekend at home. Few things happened over the weekend that got my little mind to wondering why we as humans do certain things. People are so different, and actually being on the same exact page, same sentence, same letter with someone is very rare.

An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry.

- Thomas Jefferson

I've been working on not being so argumentative with people. It's one thing in having my own opinion and bustin down somebody's chops about what they personally think, vs. what I personally think. I'm going through a situation right now that is super unnecessary to me, but sort of a big deal to her. I have my opinions on it and I made them known, and so did she. We still haven't made any progress though, loll. We're stuck, because I've been backed into a corner with my hands tied behind my back. I'm not able to make any moves, because she has control of the wheel. Baby is just cruising along though. Taking her sweet time, and wearing thin on my patience. Whew! It's taking a lot out of me to stay calm, cool and collective. It's helping me out in the long run; with my patience and acceptance. This is just another thing I really can't be worried about though. People come up with their own excuses and make their own decisions in life. If those decisions don't happen to go my way in the time frame that I feel they should...oh well. Life keeps on moving, and I must keep on living! And THAT I am doing to the fullest! Catch me if u can.

...cuz I'm gone...
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