My New Favorite Duo: Tyga & Chris Breezy
I know everybody remembers these two dudes. They had us jumping around like some fools for a little bit. Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross Pictures, Images and Photos

Looks like our modern day Kriss Kross is now...

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Yeah, thats right. Tyga & Breezy producing some hot duos in my opinion. I'm feeling their sound and style together. I'm just waiting for their mixtape. It will be nothing less than FIRE. Breezy is ALL GROWN UP after whooping Rihanna's ass! If all it took was for him to slap a bitch to get to this level...I AIN'T MAD!

My New Summer Pick:

Tyga & Breezy - G Shit

Tyga & Breezy - Holla At Me

Right now nobody has a roster as tight as Young Money. They might as well go ahead and place Breezy on it too!
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