Memoir Photo Blog Pt.2 (company party)
Blah, it being a week since I've last posted. I'm still hanging on though. This past week has just been super busy for me. Everything should be rather calm for me next week though. I have been snapping pics though. Including a jello shot war last night at a rather wild company party.

Fluffy & Mono at Wings & More during lunch.

My first round of jello shots

Round II

Lets build a jello shot tower!

Even the crawfish partook of a couple jello shots...

Crawfish orgy?
(This is what happens when you've had 1 too many shots)

The party was rather calm, cool & collective @ sunset...

Then it got a little...well...I have no words.

Dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller...

Get it Fluffy!

Mono was the first one gone off the free margaritas...

This dude was chasing all the black women around. OMG!
(I don't even then he worked @ any of the companies =\)

Mono & Fluffy feeling themselves.

Welp...enjoyed the night. More pic probably coming later. The pary ended up alright. Surprised at how many Caucasian people were getting down to the stanky leg. Truth be told, half these people wouldn't have showed up if the food and the liquor wasn't free & that includes me!!

Memoir Photo Blog Pt.1
So, it's no secret that I'm in love with my new phone. The 8 megapixel digital camera it's equipped with is right up my alley! I've been snapping pictures of everything. So today while I was under the dryer at the beauty shop, I was like "hm, I should post these pics online, and do some sort of a photo blog". The pics I've taken are random as hell, but hey I took them, so blah.
My co-worker Stephanie aka Mono...
(My first day with my new toy)

My co-worker Tiffany aka Fluffy...
(At our favorite chinese spot for lunch)

Mono again at Uncle Tongs with me & Fluffy

Me!! Taking my infamous bathroom pics in my apartment!
(Before going to the tatt shop with my homies)

Waiting outsie Addicted 2 Ink for my besti and Redd

Redd snappin pics on my phone...
(while suppose to be helping me pick out a tatt)

The homie Redd's tatts are hot!
(I'll never be getting this many though. Too painful!)

Waiting for ol' dude to get off the ATM @ the bank...
(Waterfall right down the street from my beauty shop)

Another Saturday @ the shop...

Tuesday Rambles Episode 9
A bit sluggish this morning. Went to bed mad last night; so that pretty much defines how I woke up this morning. I'm turning the day around though.

I ordered the Samsung Memior yesterday, and it's being delievered today via UPS. I really hope they deliever it to my leasing office, and I don't have to wait another day. Especially since I spent $20 extra to have it delievered express. I wanted the phone more so for the 8 mega pixel camera on it. Not to mention it's a touch screen. My sidekick is a bit played.

Decided to add a 2nd phone line and give my sister a phone. Clearly, it'll make more sense for me to just pay the bill every month so I can stop getting a message stating that the party I am trying to reach is not accepting incoming calls. Cricket phones being turned off every other week is not the business. So I'll be a nice little sister and just take care of the cellphone bill.

I'm happy that the cute country boy won this season of Survivor. I was kinda rooting for Taj from SWV, but he was my second pick. I still can't believe ol' 'Weak in the Knee' Taj was on the show. I mean she's married to Eddie George, why on earth is she going out for a million dollars? Can't have too much money I suppse huh? Blah. But then again, nobody has rocked an SWV joint since the early 90's.

I think I've gotten my momentum back in the blogging thing again. I'm keeping up with my postings and readings. Go me! I'll try not to lose my mojo again.

It seems that I'm not the only one that has fallen off. Lot's of folks that I use to read aren't writing anymore. Some have even closed down their page permantely. That's not cool! Is blogging a thing of the past now? Am I lame for still posting?

Speaking of Mo. Jo. I miss her! We use to hang tight. She use to suck all my funds, but hey the friendship was great. She got her a man now, so she's been missing in action. Blah at being a lesbian one month and straight the next. No judgement though, I still love her.

I'm offically addicted to Twitter. Follow me!

I need my split ends clipped something serious! My hair is long and healthy, but it looks like shit when it's all uneven and whatnot. I'll be taking care of that and these unruly eyebrows come Saturday morning.

I completely missed the season finale of C.S.I. Miami last night arguing with my ex-girlfriend. Reason in being why I woke up with a major attitude.

I haven't eaten any fast food in the past 10 days. This is a historical moment for me. A woman who does not cook nor grocery shop; this is wow. I feel better too by the way. I'm actually eating 3 meals a day. Mom is proud, loll. Now all I need is furniture FINALLY, and I'll be an adult.
Going to read some of your blogs now…peace.

Success or Insanity?
You spend all your life trying to do something they put people in asylums for.

- Jane Fonda

Lord, I'm secure in what I'm trying to accomplish, but I'm not trying to go crazy in the process. Monday, and I was actually ready to start the work week. Perhaps, I'm anticipating Memorial day next week. I enjoyed my time spent with my family so much yesterday, that I can't wait to go back. Welp back to work.

Have a good day.
Nookie's Disc Changer
Just a few Cd's you can catch me riding around Houston bumpin' in the Chevy. Some hot, some not so hot. Mostly new CD's, and this is just my opinions on some of them.

Chrisette Michele - Epiphany

I'm really feeling this CD. However, I do like the first one better; I can't lie. This CD deal with the struggles of relationships and the loss of love. Her voice is so soultry, and I love it! Favorite songs on the CD...

*Blame It All On Me*
*Mr. Right*
*All I Ever Think About*

The-Dream - Love Vs Money

All of dude's songs sound the same. That sucks, because I can't help but to actually jam them all. I am wanting some more variety from him though. Tired of hearing "Radio killlllaaaaa" at the beginning of every song, and "ehh ehh ehhh". His beats do knock though. Favorite songs on the cd...

*Rockin' That Shit*
*Love Vs. Money Part I & II*
*Mr. Yeah*
*Right Side of the Brain*
*Walkin' On The Moon*

Ciara - Fantasy Ride

*Sigh* Ci Ci...I can't get with this. I have never been able to really get with Ciara like that. She is fine though. Her singing is just....okay. She's never wow'd me. I do like her dancing, so I guess that's what helps her be a great entertainer outside of her looks. However, if I had to choose going on a fantasy ride with Ciara or Coolie; I'm choosing Ci Ci hands down! Favorite songs...

*Ciara To The Stage*
*G Is For Girl (A-Z)*
*Like A Surgeon*
*Love, Sex, & Magic*
*High Price* "Radio killlaaaaa" ugh!

Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World

Well I've been feeling Keri for a minute, so my responses on her won't be too surprising. She is about to take this shit over. I'm not talking about surpassing Beyonce status or anything, but the girl is about to do some damage. More damage than she's already done. I love her voice too. Favorite songs...

*Turning Me On*
*Knock You Down*
*Where Did He Go*
*Make Love*
*Get Your Money Up*

UGK - UGK 4 Life
Now I'm from Texas so it's pretty hard for me to ride around without a UGK cd in my car. I grew up on these boys, and any cd that they've ever put out; I've bumped. This cd was one of my favorites. These dudes never changed their style up, and it made me feel like I was back in middle school thinking I was the shit listening to UGK on my tape player. Screwed and chopped of course. Pimp C will forever be missed, and the rap Game in Texas will NEVER be the same. Favorite songs...

What do you ya'll think about these albums?
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Welcome Back: The 3 Month Re-Cap
Almost three months since I've published anything here. Being so caught up in everyday life and every day problems just moved my blog to the backburner. Such is life right? Man, how can I reveal all that’s been going on with me in one post? Wow. I'll give it a shot anyway. I'm sure I'll miss something, but ya'll don’t need to know ALL of my business, loll.

Well, still working both of my jobs. Being a loyal employee to both companies. I haven't burned out just yet. The momentum is still going at a steady pace. I've accepted more responsibility at both companies. More stress? Nah, I don't take my work home with me. Can't go out like that yanno?

I've been spending a lot of time with family. My grandmother passed away on March 24th, and every since then we've all been trying to hold one another up as best as we can. She passed away at 96 years old in her sleep. Still living in her own apartment, walking, cooking, laughing and enjoying the remaining moments of her life. I've been recognizing the blessings in having such a strong legacy like that in my life. I inherited some amazing traits from my grandma. Strength, endurance, faith, loving-kindness, intelligence, and independence. The woman still had good sense up until the day she died, and you couldn't get over on her if you tried. You'd feel the hook end of that cane across the back of your head. Trust me, I know, lmao. The family took everything well, and we're just appreciative in the fact that she is finally resting in peace. She held us together. She brought us together on many occasions. Now it's up to us not to drift apart, because we are all we got.

I've been doing a lot of things for me as well. Pretty much been riding completely solo these past few months, if I hadn't been in the company of family. The friends are still around, but I haven't even been kicking it with any of them either. I've been grinding and concentrating on taking a new approach on life. 2009 has been a very interesting year. Major things have happened in these first 5 months. As if I didn't know it before, but this year has taught me that life is about as short as I stand. Too many people have passed away around me. I've been to 6 funerals in the past 3 months. So I had to take a step back from all the bullshit that I gave permission to seep into my life. I had to weed out the insignificant things, and concentrate on the things and people that really matter.

I've been taking my health into consideration as well. I'm only getting older and its only going to get harder and harder to maintain in a healthy manner. So I've had to make some serious alterations in my daily habits. I'm looking to kill two birds with one stone; health wise and financial wise. Straight discipline. It isn't easy, I'll say that much.

There have been some small altercations here and there, but none worth mentioning. you know I'm always in a debate of some kind with somebody. These altercations and interactions with seasonal people are just part of the insignificant things I've thrown down the garbage shoot. I can't entertain it anymore. Most have got to feel me on that one.

Other than the above things mentioned, that's about it. I'm ready to get back into the swing of things as far as my publishing's go. The page is under construction. I want to spruce it up, and give it a new feel. This month marked my one year anniversary on blogspot, and I'm happy to say that I'm still here. As long as my life goes on, I'm ready to write on.
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