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Sade (Soldier of Love)

OMG! She's back! My daddy's crush! Hell, and now my crush! Ms. Smooth Operator herself; Sade! She still looks stunning, and she sounds GREAT!! That new joking Soldier of Love caught the ears of baby and I as we were chilling one day grooving to some tunes. We were sunken in. Listening to her new CD; I'm still in love with her, and I'm not disappointed at all with her comeback.

Corinne Bailey Rae (The Sea)

I was wondering when my girl was going to drop another CD for us. I know she's been going through a lot of personal things, every since her husband committed suicide a couple years ago. I know that had to be hard for her. But she's back! Worth the wait, no doubt!

Bow Wow (The Greenlight 2 Mixtape)

(couldn't find 2nd album cover)

Hey, I'm a Bow Wow fan, and I ain't afraid to admit it. I follow him on Twitter and everything, with his young ass. Still super arrogant, cocky and egotistical; but hey I don’t have to deal with it, loll. I love the mixtape. I jam it constantly. He gives himself a little too much credit, but if he's not feeling himself; who will?! Anyway, good job Bow. The mixtape is hot! Dude got like a million downloads in less than 24 hours. Those little teeny boppers still love his ittby bitty self. That includes my old tail.

Omarion (Ollusion)

Ahh! Young Money kicked his ass out, and he's back doing his own thing again. O! and his nasally sounding self has cut off the braids and disturbingly long baby hair. He's hit the scene with his new single "I Get It In" originally featuring Lil' Wayne, but when Young Money canned his ass; he threw in Gucci Mane as a replacement. I dig Lil' Wayne's verse better of course. I've never been a very big Omarion or We2Gay..I'm sorry B2K fan. I do like that song though. There is also a song called "Speeding" that I'm feeling as well.

Back II Back Throwbackz

Erykah Badu: Live

I had to bring this one back. I absolutely love this live album of Erykah's! Favorite song on here is "Lifetime". She sounds amazing as usual. You can't help but to groove to her lyrics and neo-soul vibe. Representing Dallas, Texas! Being a Texan myself; it's a must I jam my girl.

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The Grammy's 2010
As anticipated, 90% of bloggers content between last night and today are about the 2010 Grammy Awards. I'm not going to go into great detail about who was there, and who appeared on the red carpet. I just want to say that as a whole; I was super unimpressed by the entire ceremony. Award shows are just not what they use to be. They have cut out half of the nominee mentions and accepting segments. Most of it was random artist performing. I hated EVERYONE's performance. No effort being put into a good show anymore. Less and less choreography and more and more lip singing.

I was not feeling Beyonce's performance at all. Probably, because I hate that song too. But I just feel like she's capable of doing more. Who knows, maybe the artist feel the same way, and their told that they have more limitations every year. Blah, she could've done another song. Or gave the people what they wanted and did something with Lady GaGa.

This was the only performance that I really liked. This song absolutely jams! Will.I.Am's hair was a bit disturbing, but the performance was great. Don't know when Fergie got that damn fine either...wow.

Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell...my man just doesn't sound the same anymore. Oh how I will forever love this song though. I will always buy his albums, but live.....oh no sir. Maybe it was just a bad night. I'm afraid to see what another unplugged album would sound like. I still love you though Maxie Poo!!

Taylor Swifts ass won album of the year over Beyonce and Lady GaGa. I'm not surprised though. Bey won 6 others though; I believe. Bottom line, I hated the Grammy's. I'm know that I'm not the only one either.
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