The Family That Preys - T.Nicole's Movie Review

Tyler Perry
Alfre Woodard
Sanaa Lathan
Rockmond Dunbar
KaDee Strickland
Cole Hauser
Taraji P. Henson
Robin Givens
Kathy Bates

I had to wait to see this movie since all of the theaters were closed down with no power here in Houston. I finally got a chance to see it on Friday. Ma Kisses, T-Redd and myself all hit up a Chinese buffet and then headed to AMC Studio 30 for the 11:00 show. It wasn't crowded at all and I am glad of that.

When I say that this movie is good; IT'S GOOD! I enjoyed every moment of it. Once again Tyler has wrapped me up into his down to earth and real life plots. Sanaa was marvelous as usual. Fine ass all out doors too! Mmm, mmm, mmm!

It was nice to see Alfre Woodard and Sanaa Lathan act together again. I still remember the scene from Love And Basketball when Alfre slapped the shit out of Sanaa. They had a similar moment in The Family That Preys and I thought she would get slapped again. I was ready for it. Taraji P. Henson did well in this movie also. I have a hard time not looking at her like that ghetto bird she played in Baby Boy. I was just waiting for her to yell, "I hate you Jodi!" all loud and whinny, but that didn't happen Thank God.

Now these two; Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard were a hoot the entire movie. They really reminded me and Ma Kisses. I really have a feeling this is exactly how we're going to be when we grow older. I can't wait! Although, I'd have to strangle her ass if she put me through some of the stuff that went down in the movie. These two women are great actresses to me. Sometimes Alfre still reminds me of that crack head she played in Holiday Heart and Kathy reminds me of that fed up lady in Misery. I love them both though. They work well together. I just want to take a moment and talk about Tyler's hair. I was very disappointed and disgusted about what was going on with his hair. I understand that he worked in construction and had to wear that hard hat the entire day. However, there were sences when he wasn't even thinking about work, nor had he been to work and his hair was dented and shaped horribly. There was no excuse for this. He looked a hot mess and I know he was well aware of this. Everytime there was a scene with him in it, the entire theatre started to giggle. Tyler was wrong for this. However, I guess when you are damn near a billionare, you can do what the fuck you wanna do. Go head Tyler!

T. Nicole rates this movie with 5 stars!!
Take A Number & Catch Me Next Summer
So so glad it's Friday. Not too happy about Comcast scheduling me to work both Saturday and Sunday. So much for my weekend. My check will be phat though. After this hurricane and massive power outage in the city, the call volume at Comcast has been tremendously large. This is to be expected though right? Yeah, so needless to say work has been rather crazy all week and is only getting worse as more and more Houstonian's electricity is being restored throughout the city. As soon as the power comes on, their phone cable and internet services go into an outage status. This is something that they do not understand and all they are trying to hear is when it will come back on and if they have to pay the full month's bill or not. Ugh! Some people are so inconsiderate though, I mean all of us in Houston suffered from the power outage and they call up there expecting things to be done right then and there. Due to the damage from the hurricane, it's rather hard to press that magic button and all services are restored like we normally do. Assclowns. I hate people, I really do.

Life is pretty much back to normal for me though. In all areas. I came out of both crazy situations last week without a stain on me! I have to thank God for that. He kept and is still keeping me focused on the things that truly matter. Although both jobs are hectic right now, I'm enjoying getting up every morning to face each day. I am ready and fully equipped for the challenges that may arise during my days.

Aquarius - September 26, 2008
In an attempt to merge with infinity, you might be overlooking some basic principles of life, dear Aquarius. Be careful of getting seduced by those who want you to get tied up in their drama. At first you might willingly acquiesce. You might not even realize how deep a hole you have dug for yourself before it is too late. Make sure you haven't alienated everyone around you so that there is still someone left to dig you out.

A couple of friends asked me have I given up on love, dating and relationships. The answer is heck no. I don't have women lined up (well not any that I want anyway) to sweep me off of my feet, but I do believe that one woman's ignorant ass loss is another woman's brilliant ass gain. Just thinking about getting to know someone and vice versa makes me want to upchuck. I don't care to know your background, your likes and dislikes. I'm so over this whole thing; I don't even want to have sex. That says a lot. Later for that though. Right now, I'm just not interested. AT ALL. I wish someone would send out a temporary memo though. I don't like having to ignore people or avoid them so that I won't have to hurt anyone's feelings. Oh well though. If you're not interested, you're not interested. Beat it. Scram. Scat. Catch me next season.

I know this weekend is going to be a big blur and will all run together, being that most of my time will be spent at work. I do plan on catching a couple of movies in the theaters so expect some of T. Nicole's movie reviews to be posted on Monday. I plan on FINALLY going to the beauty shop. That damn Ike messed up my routine. Although my beautician knew she could've worked through that hurricane. Punk ass. If I can find a fully stocked and operating grocery store in Houston, I plan on going grocery shopping as well this weekend. That might have to wait until next week some time though.

Well it's lunch time and I'm craving Chinese food.
Bang! Who Shot Cha?!
It's really good to be back with electricity, water and life back to normal again. I feel so indescribable right now. Despite the fact that I'm freezing cold in this office; I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I found out some pretty fucked up information last night about the woman I've given myself emotionally to for the past few months. I won't go into detail, because I am about to light fire to her ass when the time is just right. However I do know that she has been lying to me all of this time. Lying to everybody for that matter. She is not who she says she is and is a total fraud. The recent stunts that she has pulled has caused her to be ejected from my heart to the fiery pits of my ass. Harsh, I know; but when you've been shitted on by a fake ass person, you'd feel the same way. I know one thing, it pays to be good friends with hacking white boys who find out information on people just for kicks. I got everything from one IP address that one can think of. It's scary when I think about it, because it really isn't that hard to find out where a person lives, their DL number, their employment address and any online history dating back 3 months, and the list goes on. I'll stop here. Don't get me started on what can be found out in emails either. Honestly, this makes me want to sign off and never sign back on. However, I needed to know some truth to this fucked up situation and I got it. *In my Eminem voice* "I know something about youuuu.." Now I can kill whoever this person is inside of my head. I'm satisfied. Oh and don't get it twisted, I'm no hacker, I just had to dissect this broad. I don’t make a habit out of this. So nobody be alarmed, I don’t want to know anything about ya'll. My duty is done.

Sometimes my life can be sooooo, wow. I attract some really crazy and dramatic people. There is never a dull moment in my life and each day brings on another set of bizarre events. I applaud myself, because I handle them well. I find the silver lining in every cloud and make sure I keep smiling through it all. Bottom line is I always come out on top. Double crossing me ironically only causes you to dig your own grave. I'll ruin a person's whole life, repent and wake up smiling the next morning. Forgive me for my honesty.

My scope told me to use today's initiatives and take advantage of the atmosphere to put together a realistic plan for my future. The rewards will be great. I have been living in la la land for the past few months and riding on a hopeless lie. I just got one rude awakening and now I have to catch up. I have to work double time to happily be face to face with my reality. Last night while I was sitting at home masterminding as usual, I was thinking about my next steps in life. From love to career to friends to school to family to religion. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in this year, but I still have a bit more to go as far as my goals are concerned. I'm going to put the whole love thing back on the shelf wayyyyy in the back again. That is only a distraction for me anyway. Gosh, this is going to be an awesome week. Last week was kind of shitty, due to that wack ass hurricane and the aftermath, but I'm excited about this week. Already I've pulled somebody's cards, got a super bonus at work, got my electricity back and it's only TUESDAY!!

Expect a lot of blogs this week. Shit only 4 people read this shit anyway, loll.
The Aftermath
Man this has been one hell of a weekend. The longest and worse weekend of my life. I just want to thank God that I still have my family all accounted for. Everyone, except my sister that is. However, all of the cellphones out here are pretty much messed up. "All circuits are busy." I know every one's experience through this while thing is different and on different levels of extremity. Right now I'm safely at my parents house in Richmond, Texas and am able to tell my story.
All last week I had been hearing the news about Ike forming in the Gulf and had been getting emails at work with hurricane survival information. Like most people, I thought that it wouldn't be that much of a storm being that the first two were a hit and miss. So I just kept on working, anticipating my vacation starting on Monday. Thursday, the news didn't die down. Ike was definitely coming straight for my city. A few people in my office live in Galveston and La Porte right off the coast; directly in the eye of the storm. So people start to panic and business start to close down. My office officially closed Thursday at 1:00pm. I also got a message from Comcast on my phone stating that the call center would be closed until further notice.

All Friday was pretty gloomy outside. I went to get some breakfast that morning and all the stores were taking down their signs and boarding their buildings up. The storm was not to hit until 1:00am that morning and the city was getting ready. As ready as it could get. Galveston was completely evacuated; all except for a few stragglers. I honestly didn't' anticipate anything other than heavy winds and heavy rains. Nothing major. Boy was I wrong.

Friday night came and the wind was whistling outside my apartment windows. The trees were blowing so hard they were totally bent all the way back. By the time 1am hit, things were blowing every which-a-way. The power was completely out by then and we were left to nothing but the loud sounds of the storm. It seemed like it would never end. I heard part of the newly constructed building coming apart and smashing on people's cars. I had my car under the port, so thank God nothing hit it. I hard glass breaking and children screaming. I HATED IKE. I'm pretty sure everyone else did as well. Here are a few pictures of the damage done...

The storm surge in Galveston was 18-20 feet. You could just imagine how under water the city of Galveston is. People's homes are completely washed away. It will take years to rebuild the city.

This is a grocery store out here in Houston. Most of the buildings looked like this once the storm was done.

There was not a billboard in tact either. The freeways were covered in pieces of billboards; which resulted in the major freeways shutting down until Sunday.

Some white dude being lifted by the winds in Galveston. I thought it was pretty senseless to be doing this when he should've been evacuating. I hope he was found later.

Most of the city was in high water status. Some places more severe than others. I was stuck inside my apartment until Sunday. There was no way anyone could have travelled the roads after that.

Saturday was miserable. My cellphone battery was completely dead and I had very little food. The power was out and so was the water. It was steaming hot and the neighborhood was trashed. The complex was gloomy and pitch black once night fall came. Saturday night brought more heavy rains that lasted all night long. Sunday I woke up to more rain. I packed a back Sunday afternoon and made a 2 hour trip to my parents house that normally take 30 minutes. The roads were hazardous and cluttered with debris and flooded with rain water. I got to my parents house around 4:00 and they were sitting in the living room with their feet up drinking cappuchinos. I was too through. I was shaking, hungry, thirsty and hot! And they were parlaying! WITH POWER and steaks on the grill!! I guess it pays to live way out with the white folks in the gated community. Ugh! Uppity asses.

So needless to say, I stayed at my parents house all week. I was on vacation from work and I still enjoyed myself even though I didn't and couldn't go anywhere. Houston at that time had a curfew of 9:00pm. I went back to work on Friday and still did not have any electricity in my apartment. In fact the electricity was off for 9 days. The city was and still is black. The gas stations were horrible. Here are a couple pics from a crowded Chevron station I was at. Spent an hour and fifteen minutes trying to get gas...

I'm thankful that my family and friends are all okay. A lot of them are still without power, but they have their homes in tact and they are in good health and all accounted for. We are blessed and thankful for it. The city is still in a great deal of turmoil, but as the days pass; it's all getting better. I do pray for all the families that were effected by Hurricane Ike. I took the storm for another flop, but the next hurricane I will not sleep and be much more prepared for.

My blogging will hopefully start back up. I missed you guys.

Honest Blogger Eh?

I was just awarded the Certified Honest Blogger by...

Here are the rules:

1.) When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back

2.) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.

3.) Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’

4.) Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).

5.) And then we pass it on!

Well, thank you very much. I don't know any other way to be than to be honest. When I'm writing everything comes straight from the soul, so it's a must that it's honest. I take no prisoners, loll. Well let me think; here are a few things about me that you may honestly not know...

1.) I'm only 5 feet tall. I've heard every short joke anyone could ever conjure up. I've had so many short nicknames. From inch high private eye to shorty doo wop to lollipop kid to munchkin to stubby. Even on the back of my Letterman jacked in high school, it read "I got height". I get it honest though, my dad is only 5'7 and my mom is a gigantic 4'8. My grandma is all of 4'6. So I was doomed from birth, loll. Short jokes now days burn me up, because I've heard them so much. Short people are evil, and hey I can vouch for that. People under estimate me, because of my height. Beat it though, "I'm standing 5'0 with the soul of a giant!"

2.) I wiggle my toes when I'm mad or worried about something. I've tried to break the habit so many times. I'll be mad about something and concentrate on NOT wiggling my toes and they begin to hurt so damn bad that I have to wiggle time just to relieve the pain. I probably could life a person with my big toe, because I've exercised it so much by wiggling it when I'm mad or worried. I'm wiggling them now, thinking about this damn hurricane. Ahh!!

3.) I have a few weird things I MUST do or I feel totally indescribable. The entire moment is just fucked up for me. My friends have told me I have an O.C.D for years. I mean to me it's normal, because it's me. Here are few examples; if I wear a t-shirt to bed, it has to be backwards and inside out, or I can't sleep. Every single item on my desk at work and home are evenly placed to balance everything out. If one thing is out of place, I freak out. I have a different color highlighter for every day of the week. If my highlighter is missing for that day, I will not start working until I find that specific color highlighter. I did break one horrible obsession. I use to have to have the T.V volume set to my age and I'd only get pump gas until it reached my age. These things just made me feel....whole; if you will. There is so much more, but who has this kind of time? My close friends and family, cater to such obsessions of mine too and it's funny. I love you guys! I really do.

I'm tagging these honest people:

Urbane Kisses

Miss. Mika

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Personification Of Crazy

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College Wednesday - Know Somebody Like This?
Well last week I was so emotionally fucked up that I totally dismissed College Wednesday. So this week I have to play catch up and post 2 entries. Today is a good day, but could be a little better; so hopefully a little humor will help lighten my heart and lift this dark cloud from over my head. "I need to feel it in my spirits", loll. So here we go with part one of College Wednesday. I'm sure you know it; 99% of the people you'll ever meet in college or in life are summarized here. In this first part we introduce The Kid That Everyone Fucking No One Likes and The Library Leech.

Kid That Fucking No One Likes - This kid is a douche bag! And for arguments sake let's call him "DANNY". This kid will attempt to befriend you then manage to say or do something so unspeakably rude or offer some backwards compliment. Parties disassemble whenever this ass hat manages to find his way to one.

I mean I don’t like most people and today I don't like anyone, but we all have one person that we just don't REALLY like. You don’t hate them or anything. In fact, you're even cordial to this person out of respect for humankind, but you still don’t like them. Everything about them just irks you and makes your skin crawl for some odd reason. From how dingy their shoes are, to the way they only smile with one half of their mouth, to that loud noise that they make when their chewing come, even the way that they walk. You're just like UGH! You dodge them, just so you won't have to be chummy and put up that fake ass fa├žade called politeness. Man I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. NEXT!

Library Leech - Sees that you're studying in the library, but couldn’t care less. They want to chit chat and won't leave. They plop their stuff down and talk to you, despite the fact that your books are open and you're obviously studying hard; or worse, trying to finish something that’s due in 10 minutes!

Please keep in mind that this is one of the common reasons why people get shanked in broad daylight and no one runs to the victim's rescue. Again, here you are trying your hardest to be nice and polite. Clearly you see the leech approaching, so you bury your head deeper into what ever you're doing. You focus and you focus HARD! You just know they person will be considerate and leave you be, because they see you working diligently. WRONG! They disrupt your entire world and break out into conversation. There is no introduction at all. They just start talking. Then comes the plop. The loudest plop and the most dreadful plop you've ever heard. When they plop, you know they're not leaving anytime soon. This is when you have to make some life decisions. Either contemplate suicide, possible lethal injection, or a misdemeanor for aggravated assault. Word to the wise, just slap them. Trust me, everyone will understand why you did what you did.

Be back in a few with part II.

Shut Up And Drive
This week is going by just the way I want it to; super fast. Monday starts my much needed vacation from both jobs and I can't wait to do…nothing. I've been reading my blogs for the past two months or so and it's no secret that I've been struggling with same issues in my life. That's people, acceptance, love and trust. I'm not even going to lie, I'm getting on my own nerves, loll. I feel a hiatus coming on and it's coming faster than Hurricane Ike. I might need this time to escape into my mental mansion and just reside in peace and quiet.

Yesterday I found myself banging my head up against a brick wall. After hearing nothing but my own echo, I realized that no one was listening to me. I started to feel the pain in my head from the banging. It was then that I understood that it was just time to shut up. I'm going to continue on this love journey, but at this time I just need to do it in silence and listen. I'm always talking and trying to go above and beyond with making sure that everything is working properly. I feel like I'm working in vain, so let me just shut up and drive.

Wednesday, 10 September, 2008

Aquarius (20 Jan - 18 Feb)

You may be growing impatient, but it's a good idea to hold in your feelings just a little bit longer. If you express what's on your mind today, your words could lose impact because you jumped the gun. Balance your need to get something off your chest with being mature enough to wait for the optimum time. It will be more effective to speak your heart tomorrow when the Moon returns to your sign.

My friend Regina use to tell me all the time that closed mouths don't get fed and I began to live by those words. Every time a problem would erupt I would break my neck to try and communicate through the issue and rectify that problem. Come up with solutions so that the problem won't occur again. I would make the necessary changes within myself to eliminate the problem as well. I do believe that problems are only made by us and our attitudes towards such problems. If we really want to work through it, that’s what exactly is needed…WORK. However, in some problems caused by two people, it takes 2 people to fix it. When only 1 person is putting the weight of the problem on their back alone and trying to do everything in their power to fix it, nothing will work. The only thing that will happen is that person growing so tired that they just give up.

I've carried so many problems on my back that weren't even my own. I take the slack for a lot of things that happen, because I know that I can handle it and I know exactly where to throw it in order to keep the peace. I can't do that anymore though. I'm tired of talking and not being heard, I'm tired of working and not being acknowledged, I'm tired of not being met half way and I'm tired of beating to everyone's drum just to keep them happy. The world is a selfish place man and I use to be soooooo part of that selfish bandwagon. Everything was always about me and it was always my way or the highway. There was never any question about it. No conversation needed, I thought what I wanted and when I wanted. I disregarded everyone's feelings with no remorse. I don't want to go back that route, but I do know that me being they way that I am today is only causing me to crash into brick walls.

I don’t know, but for right now I'm just going to remain silent and listen. Maybe somebody will start talking so that I can hear what's on the other side of that wall. I'm pretty disgusted this morning, but I do pray that my day gets better and that God will guide me through this point in my life like He has done with every other point.
Job Security; Does It Still Exist? - PULLED!!!


End Detour
Well the Labor Day weekend is over and I'm back on my grind. I woke up with a clouded mind and a heavy heart this morning. I'm just waiting for the usual chain of events to pop off from this emotional state I'm in. I was driving to work this morning wondering what I can do to ease my mind and nurture my heart. After praying and crying all night; it's rather hard to bounce back from that. I know one thing, Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blige will do it every time. Listening to these women will have you feeling like you're on top of the world. They will have you thinking about all of the things you deserve and the proper way you should be treated. I needed the uplift this morning and it made me feel a little better.

Over the weekend I had some time to do a little thinking. I realize how alone I truly am in my world. I have a couple people who are very close to me, but they will never be able to get so close that they understand totally who I am. For them to do that, they would have to be me. You ever been so frustrated with someone for not getting the point you're trying to make? You get angry and you may even start to yell, thinking that maybe they just don't hear you. However, when it's all said and done; you're still alone in your own understandings. That person really isn't to be held at fault for not understanding you, because your point is painted in your own perception of life. All humans can really ask for is respect. Understanding is rarely ever found. Now respect is something that we all deserve, especially if we're naturally giving it.

While I was tossing and turning last night, I came to the realization that I've placed myself in another emotional predicament that only I can be held responsible for. I listed all of my pros and cons in loving someone with all of me. Everything is all good, until you're left alone with your thoughts and your feelings scrambled on a dish in front of you. You're the only one dining at this table. The person that you're loving has now gone deeper into their own world and are handling their own feelings the best way that they know how.

"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer." - Albert Camus

I know that things are only what you make of them. The only issues that evolve in any situation is nursed by you and only you. Only you can make it better or you can make it worse. I find myself guilty in holding someone responsible for my feelings. Just because love is involved really doesn't mean anything. Love is what it is and it is handled differently by every individual on this earth. I love a certain way and that way is hard. When I'm in it, I'm in it! I turn myself inside out and make sure that I give my all. My expectations are at an all time high for that of my mate. That is my mistake. Even in love, you cannot expect anything from anyone.

Being left alone with darkness of my room, the tears splashing on my pillows and the warm embrace of God, who is my best friend; reminded me of how much I honestly do love myself. This is a state that is rare for me and a state that I vowed to never be in again. I've lost myself in someone and I've gone against who I am. I feel that we all can be with someone in love without losing yourself. If you do happen to lose yourself, then you're only setting yourself up for a harder fall in the end. This is a reality check for me and something that I needed to be reminded of real quick, before I lost my damn mind.

Aquarius - September 3, 2008
It may seem as if you are on the edge of a cliff with your legs dangling over the side, dear Aquarius. Your hands are frantically searching for handholds as your feet struggle to support you on the tiny ledge below. You may be swearing to yourself that when you get out of this predicament, you will never come this way again. The fact is that this is all part of the cycle. These challenges are necessary in order to make yourself stronger and more appreciative of the easy stretches in the road.

In love I ask for respect and to be met half way in all that is done. I ask for proper communication, trust and honesty. Things that sound so simple but are so hard to maintain and obtain. I'm not trying to fall over this cliff again. It hurts and it leaves me with too many bruises that I have to heal. "The best way to escape from your problem is to solve it." - Robert Anthony. Simple and sweet. I appreciate the changes that I've made and the woman that I've become. I appreciate all of the heartaches I've gone through in my past and how good it felt once my wounds were healed. I've learned from my mistakes and I'm only hanging over this cliff, because I'm on the verge of making the same mistake twice times three. Can't do it. Won't do it.

I refuse to fall out of love, but I will if love will not have me anymore and cannot respect and accept my changes. I have to stay true to myself and never lose everything that I've built in someone else. That's too much to be thrown on them as a person and it's not fair. It will end up with both of us hurt in the end. Logically speaking, I have to do what I have to do and get back on that easy stretch. End detour.
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