Healthy Disagreements
It's been a great past couple of weeks. I've been a little social butterfly, which is totally out of my character. It's more than likely just a phase, and pretty soon I'll go back underneath my rock on my planet. I've been having fun mingling with the earthlings though. I find myself being stress free, but I have to be careful to dodge the drama that comes along with the social territory. Some people are just over the top, and don’t know how to act.
The Crew
Outside The She Lounge (Aztecas)

*Excuse the hoodness of it all*

The Bestie clearly not in touch with the outside world...
I swear I was though!

Becca AKA B. Swag on it!

The Bestie, Her better half, and the big homie D. Rhae

Me, doing what I do best...telling the world to fuck off!!

On my recent metamorphosis I've run into many different people, and encountered many different personalities. I've appreciated (when sober) the new tastes. Some bitter, some sweet. Either way it goes, it's different than the same old dishes I've been serving up. I love my crew, but we tend to all think alike. Probably, because we've been knowing each other so long. We've rubbed our beliefs, ideas and goals off on one another. Now we all speak the same language, and sometimes that becomes a bit redundant. I don’t dig change, but sometimes we all have to embrace it just to stay sane.

Aquarius - March 2, 2009

Try to spend some time interacting with the few people who don't always agree with everything you say. Whether they hail from different backgrounds, cultures or religions than you, they see the world from a different perspective -- and it can be very interesting to hear what they have to say about recent events. At the very least, it will be a good learning experience. When you only hang out with like-minded people, you miss out on some opportunities.

It's not always a bad thing to disagree. To me a disagreement is made up of the opinions coming from two intelligent people. The only thing is, if one or both of those people do not know how to communicate properly; it all goes downhill. This is where the frustrations come in. I appreciate it when a person has a different opinion than mine, and knows how to back theirs up. Who is to say who is wrong and who is right if you have solid evidence throughout your words? However, like I said; some people just don’t know how to act, or better yet; interact. Word to the not so wise…just shut the fuck up.

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