Tuesday Rambles Episode 10

Okay, so I totally missed last week's post. Now, I'm too lazy to go fetch some cool pics to go along with this post. Blah.

Houston's Pride is at the end of this month. Guess I can go to the parade with all the well rounded lesbians and gays. It beats that ghetto mess they call SPLASH in Galveston. I refuse to go there and surround myself with such fuckery.

Can't wait for the Caribbean Festival July 4th weekend. Trying to get my crew together so we can all go, but it's hard to catch up with folks now days. Either way it goes, I'll be there and it'll be going down. Wonder if I can get my hands on a Jamaican girl….hm. Nice thought.

Big Brother is coming back!!!! This is one of the reasons why I dig the Summer time. Mid July it's going down!

Funniest line I've heard all day…"Are you the receptionist?" - New girl. "No, I'm the President of the company." - President of the company. Lmaooo!! The new girl was so embarrassed. I was dying laughing in front of them both.

My apartments are finally switching to Comcast. Now I can get my free services since I work for them. That'll save me $170 a month that I spend on phone, cable and internet now. W00t! The only downfall; my current provider has taken it upon themselves to cut everyone's services in the complex as of yesterday. Comcast won't be out until the 19th!!! What am I to do without my services?!

My Queen Bea decided to quit her job, and chill for a minute. I posted a blog last year when she quit the job here at the company I work for after 24 years. I'm happy for my mommy. She needs to rest and live life as she wants to. Her and my pops can both live that retired life. She seems so much more peaceful. I know my grandma's death took a toll on her, but she seems to be settling nicely. Love you mom!

A damn debt collector called my office phone today. That hasn't happened in over a year. Ugh!!! How do they find people?! Bastards. They aren't getting a dime. Well not now at least. Unless a million dollars lands in my lap out of the blue sky, they can kiss my ass.

Can't wait to hit the gym tonight. It's become more of a desire now, and that’s what I'd been wanting. I no longer hate it, and I actually look forward to it after a long stressful day at both of the jobs. I wake up in the morning feeling so good about myself, and surprisingly I have a great deal of energy.

However, how I currently feel about being at work at this moment…
Be It. Love It. Own It.

This week's quote/advice, whatever you want to declare it as; is once again about being just who the hell you are. It's not much that really needs to be written here, because the action is simple. Or so one would think. How hard is it really who be who you are? I guess, you have to figure out who you actually are first. Being confused in persona, mentality, sexuality, and spirituality means you have no earthly idea who you are or what you stand for. Sometimes soul searching takes a life time, because with each major event that occurs in your life's perspective changes. How you handle things even in the slightest way will change. Part of who you were yesterday, may not be who you are today. That's where those question marks come in.

The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow. Take your own color in the pattern and be just that.

- Charles R. Brown

God made us all as individuals, and even though we may be a bit confused as times we still need to get some sort of grasp on at least part of us. I personally can have a different epiphany once a week, but I will own that epiphany and try to put it into action. I gather belief in it, and I nurture it until I see the positive results come forth from it. I try not to base who I am off of what others may think of me, or what others are doing in their personal lives. So the days I may not know left from right, I'm still claiming to be me, and only me. I may be confused at that moment, but I'm proud to be just that, because it's a part of who I am at that point in time.

So no matter what you have going on in life, never lose sight of who you are or even who you want to be. Hopefully who you want to be is original and not like the mfer standing in your vicinity. The world lacks enough individuality and originality as it is. Whatever makes you different, be it, love it, own it!
200th Blog Post!!!

200th blog post! W00t!!

Thanks to all of you that actually read my words, thoughts, feelings and opinions.

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Physics For Disaster

Boy oh boy, what a weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself up until last night. Had some emotional issues going on. Read more about them on The Reason. Other than that, glad everything went well for me, and I was able to make it through all festivities safely. I spent very little money this weekend, if any at all. I think I bought my dad a coke and went to the gas station. That's about it. I've been doing my whole balling on a budget thing. Not buying any fast food, checking my bank account daily, and not blowing money on things that I know I can't afford. They say "it ain't trickin' if you got it"….well I ain't got it.

"Inflation is bringing us true democracy. For the first time in history, luxuries and necessities are selling at the same price."
-Robert Orben

Times are rough now. Scratch that, times have been rough; shit has just gotten worse. Gas is inflating again, groceries are at an all time high, rent has gone up, phone, cable, and internet prices have sky rocketed. These are the times of the end, and I realize that I should've started preparing myself YESTERYEAR for the trials and tribulations coming our way.

I want to church on Sunday with my mom to get some spiritual food, guidance, and therapy. It helped out a lot. The brother spoke about gravity, and how mankind is falling very fast and will hit rock bottom as a whole very soon. It was just a little reminder of things I already know, but have been remaining ignorant to the fact. What good is the knowledge if I don't do anything with it? Some knowledge cause for action to bring about positive change and strong results.

The day has come where a man's life and a drop top Bienz are of equal value. The dollar holds a lot of power, and has caused a tremendous amount of corruption. Democracy? The Grim Reaper might as well have won the election. We're headed for destruction. The what once was a slow fall to hell, has picked up it's pace. Hold on people.
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