The Blind Side - T. Nicole's Movie Review
I'm like a week late with this review. I saw it last Monday, but I'm just getting the time to share my thoughts with you all. Anywho, heres the trailer...

The Cast

Sandra Bullock

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Tim McGraw

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Quinton Aaron

Jae Head

Man, this movie was awesome!! I felt so many emotions watching it. I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced, I got angry, ect.! The movie played its purpose, and outlined almost perfectly the story of Michael Oher. The actor who played Michael seems to be much more humble than the real football player. I've seen him in other settings, and he seemed very arrogant. However, I'm not judging the man, but if that was his style; then it should've been portrayed in the movie.

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Sandra Bullock did her thing!! She's a bad B!!! That country accent did it for me Sandra, loll. She was so natural as always. Sandra, always seeming so mild tempered, easy going and down to earth; gave me a little more in this film. She showed us who is boss. Tim McGraw obviously didn't wear the pants in that family, loll.

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I didn't really like how they portrayed Michael to be a bit slow. Like he didn't have it all there. I mean the man cam from the hood, but that doesn't mean he was a complete dumb ass. I understand he was well out of his jurisdiction, and was suffering from an extreme case of culture shock, but damn. The man; in real life is very intelligent. I think they should've spent more time showing how he shinned academically.

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It seemed as if they had to teach him from scratch how to play football in the movie. Like here is this homeless black kid with no visible talent; lets take him in and see what tricks we can teach him. More time should've been spent displaying the true portiait of Michael Oher.

The Blind Side Pictures, Images and Photos

I love this picture, loll. Not to mention Sandra Bullock looks hotter than HOT!!!

And here is Michael and his real foster family!

T. Nicole gives this film 5 stars!!!!!
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